Auction Houses >> Leake : 2010

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Leake Car Auctions - 38th Annual Leake Auto Auction - Market Hall$6,827,350301 items sold for 57%$242,500
Leake Car Auctions - Houston - Reliant Center$1,952,500106 items sold for 41%$79,500
Leake Auctions - Tulsa, Oklahoma$6,284,450340 items sold for 49%$140,000
Leake Auctions - San Antonio Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center$2,026,800111 items sold for 50%$90,000
Leake Auctions - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma$3,517,600221 items sold for 64%$125,000

Total Sales: $20,608,700

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