Auction Houses >> Barons : 2016

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Barons : Annual Christmas Classic - Sandown Park$494,87253 items sold for 59%£57,901
Barons : Classic, Collectors and Sports Cars - Sandown Park$325,44327 items sold for 56%£42,271
Barons : Jaguar Heritage, Classic Cars and Motorcycles$406,96731 items sold for 44%£87,260
Barons : Buster Lang Classic American$191,12816 items sold for 34%$33,823
Barons Connoisseurs Classic Car Collection$383,0536 items sold for 18%£128,413
Barons : Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club$333,5019 items sold for 32%£112,822
Barons : International Ford Show - Sandown Park$317,71420 items sold for 42%€78,096
Barons : Spring Classic$400,08132 items sold for 73%€90,434
Barons : British Heritage, Classic and Sports Cars$394,67738 items sold for 46%€72,515
Barons : Classic Winter Warmer$208,30435 items sold for 92%€22,419

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