Auction Houses >> Bonhams : 2015

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Bonhams : The December Sale$5,303,99182 items sold for 93%£425,769
Bonhams : Bond Street Motor Car Sale$12,313,66021 items sold for 72%£1,185,233
Bonhams : London to Brighton Run Sale$2,184,91910 items sold for 100%£631,270
Bonhams : The Zoute Sale$8,156,43935 items sold for 73%€1,012,735
Bonhams : Preserving the Automobile$2,820,40058 items sold for 98%$319,000
Bonhams : The Chantilly Sale$9,613,05619 items sold for 100%€3,727,496
Bonhams : The Beaulieu Sale$5,307,91278 items sold for 100%£1,073,078
Bonhams Quail Lodge Auction$45,018,98899 items sold for 89%$8,525,000
Bonhams : The Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale$26,944,16770 items sold for 84%£4,550,887
Bonhams : The Summer Classic Sale$2,117,99149 items sold for 75%£203,398
Bonhams : Greenwich Concours$7,586,39890 items sold for 88%$1,595,000
Bonhams Amelia Island Auction$13,992,306146 items sold for 78%$1,760,000
Bonhams : Les Grandes Marques du Monde au Grand Palais$17,888,01267 items sold for 61%€2,119,508
Bonhams : The Scottsdale Auction$25,204,807162 items sold for 87%$9,405,000

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