Auction Houses >> Silverstone Auctions : 2012

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Silverstone : NEC Classic Motor Show Sale$1,921,29561 items sold for 62%£355,813
Silverstone : CarFest North 'Pride & Joy' Auction$629,03935 items sold for 67%£208,124
Silverstone : CarFest South 'Pride & Joy' Auction$1,085,35262 items sold for 67%£62,843
Silverstone Classic Sale$2,087,90689 items sold for 61%£119,848
Silverstone : The Spring Sale$1,167,59790 items sold for 58%£325,973
Silverstone : Race Retro Classic Car Sale$2,808,694120 items sold for 69%£454,011

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