Auction Houses >> Silverstone Auctions : 2013

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Silverstone : NEC Classic Motor Show Sale$4,618,223214 items sold for 62%£583,748
Silverstone : CarFest South Pride & Joy Auction$1,272,23777 items sold for 73%£82,426
Silverstone : CarFest North Pride & Joy Auction$653,71247 items sold for 67%£110,097
Silverstone : The Silverstone Classic Sale$3,541,063171 items sold for 57%£574,912
Silverstone : International Trophy Sale$1,403,09682 items sold for 43%£135,610
Silverstone : Race Retro & Classic Car Sale$2,481,510102 items sold for 65%£295,698

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