Auction Houses >> Silverstone Auctions : 2014

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Silverstone Auction - NEC Classic Motor Show 2014$7,501,081106 items sold for 88%£387,783
Silverstone Auction - The Autumn Sale$1,845,54240 items sold for 63%£144,332
Silverstone : Salon Prive$10,100,95036 items sold$2,277,000
Silverstone : The Silverstone Classic$7,764,220232 items sold£361,186
Silverstone : The May Sale$3,046,414115 items sold£422,028
Silverstone : The Restoration Show Sale$1,690,39269 items sold£107,770
Silverstone : Race Retro & Classic Car Sale$3,446,221175 items sold£278,966

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