Auction Houses >> Silverstone Auctions : 2015

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Silverstone Auction - NEC Classic Motor Show Sale$5,721,93770 items sold for 75%£300,116
Silverstone Auction - The Porsche Sale$3,973,93435 items sold for 61%£628,853
Silverstone Auction - Salon Prive Sale$7,556,52032 items sold for 51%£1,367,541
Silverstone Auction - Classic Sale$6,130,66772 items sold for 77%£247,772
Silverstone Auction - Competition Cars$1,129,94015 items sold for 47%$219,375
Silverstone Auction - Classic Sale$767,5209 items sold for 90%£196,567
Silverstone Auction - Classic Cars$5,127,87865 items sold for 83%£435,628
Silverstone Auction - The Restoration Show$3,288,92471 items sold for 84%£351,351
Silverstone Auction - Race Retro Classic Car$5,413,37369 items sold for 78%£287,548

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