Auction Houses >> Silverstone Auctions : 2016

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Silverstone Auctions : NEC Classic Motor Show$7,470,800287 items sold for 82%£388,566
Silverstone Auctions : Porsche Sale$3,247,494143 items sold for 85%£244,113
Silverstone - The Salon Prive Sale 2016$6,913,04864 items sold for 90%£276,707
Silverstone Auction - Classic Sale$5,266,203191 items sold for 45%£330,532
Silverstone Classic Race Car Sale$1,381,83412 items sold for 41%£650,953
Silverstone Auctions : The Classic Race Aarhus Auction$2,293,10545 items sold for 45%€362,562
Silverstone : The May Sale$4,576,18946 items sold£408,162
Silverstone Auction - Restoration Show Sale$1,928,77745 items sold for 66%£248,083
Silverstone Auctions : Race Retro Classic Car Sale$6,005,362174 items sold£592,772
Silverstone Auction - Race Retro Competition$689,90014 items sold for 44%£93,606

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