Auction Houses >> Coys : 2006

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Coys Auction - The Sports Car Auction$2,457,71829 items sold€584,364
Coys Auction - True Greats$2,551,51340 items sold£406,742
Coys Auction - Automoto D‘Epoca$2,579,76032 items sold€715,235
Coys Auction - The Spirit of Motoring$1,205,63729 items sold£143,507
Coys Auction - The Excellence of Porsche and other Sporting Marques$1,681,47426 items sold£520,101
Coys Auction - The Sports car Auction$3,923,69227 items sold for 96%€1,303,499
Coys Auction - Fine Motor Cars & The Jaguar Legend$1,620,44438 items sold for 100%£173,482
Coys Auction - Legende et Passion$6,201,86936 items sold for 100%€1,178,591
Coys Auction at The Donington Classic$1,253,73829 items sold for 100%£258,330
Coys Auction - An important auction of British and continental touring cars$1,058,97125 items sold for 100%£232,738
Coys Auction -Grandes Marques - Maastricht$2,251,63821 items sold for 100%€401,761
Coys Auction - Autosport 2006$728,28624 items sold for 100%£133,333

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