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Why Concept Cars?

Manufacturers use concept cars to showcase new technology and styling, and to gauge customer reaction. These are known as show cars, production-intent vehicles, and prototype vehicles. They are often radical designs that employ non-traditional exotic or expensive materials. Concept designs are changed and finalized prior to entering production often due to practicality, regulatory compliance, unprofitability, and safety reasons.

Most drawings, computer designs, and concept cars never evolve past scale models. Many are non-operational and without drivetrains or working accessories. If the concept is drivable, the drivetrain is often sourced from a production vehicle within the same company.

After the concept car has served its purpose, they are usually destroyed.

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Pontiac G8 GXP Street Concept Concept Information
2009 Pontiac G8 GXP Street Concept

Long known for delivering performance of many kinds, Pontiac rolls into the 2008 SEMA Show with a trio of tuner-inspired concepts for enthusiasts of all stripes. Leading the pack is G8 GXP Street concept......
Pontiac G8 ST Concept Concept Information
2009 Pontiac G8 ST Concept

Long known for delivering performance of many kinds, Pontiac rolls into the 2008 SEMA Show with a trio of tuner-inspired concepts for enthusiasts of all stripes. Leading the pack is G8 GXP Street concept......
Pontiac Solstice SD-290 Concept Concept Information
2007 Pontiac Solstice SD-290 Concept

A diverse array of customized and high-performance cars, trucks and SUVs again dominates the General Motors display at the 2007 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, but this time there......
Pontiac Solstice Club Racer Concept Information
2006 Pontiac Solstice Club Racer

GMs small-vehicle lineup will make a big impact at this years Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, proving that with the right combination of technology, great products and accessories,......
Pontiac Solstice Club Sport Concept Information
2006 Pontiac Solstice Club Sport

Winning in the showrooms and on the racetrack, the Pontiac Solstice is fresh off its first-ever Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Showroom Stock B National Championship, and this fully race-prepared Solstice......
Pontiac Solstice Hardtop Concept Information
2006 Pontiac Solstice Hardtop

In its first-ever appearance at the Detroit Motor Show, EDAG will exhibit two show cars as proof of its competence when it comes to innovative development solutions, including small series production.A......
Pontiac Solstice Concept Information
2002 Pontiac Solstice

"Keep it simple, pure, and beautiful and it will be easy to love." These were the basic inspirations set down by Bob Lutz, GM’s chairman of North American Operations, in creating a "sketch-off" for......
Pontiac Piranha Concept Information
2000 Pontiac Piranha

Its a name that stands for excitement and performance. With bold, athletic styling that provides an expression of individuality, Pontiac reflects the active lifestyles of its customers while providing......
Pontiac Rageous Concept Concept Information
1997 Pontiac Rageous Concept

No matter how you open up the Pontiac Rageous concept vehicle, there is a whole different world in there. The outside is a fiery red sports machine, bulging with muscle and bold Pontiac excitement. But......
Pontiac Protosport Concept Information
1991 Pontiac Protosport

At the 1991 Chicago Auto Show, a total of 954,785 interested viewers showed up en masse to view the newest lineup of incredible cars. On display was the Mystique concept minivan showcased by Mercury,......
Pontiac Banshee Concept Information
1988 Pontiac Banshee

The Pontiac Banshee was introduced in 1988 to provide a glimpse at the high-performance sports car of the future. The Banshee name first appeared in the 1960s as a code name for the forthcoming 1967 Pontiac......
Pontiac Trans Am Experimental Concept Information
1985 Pontiac Trans Am Experimental

The Kammback concept, a bodystyle that was similar to a station-wagon, supposedly originated in Europe. They had a squared-off back end that performed well in wind-tunnel testing, providing functional......
Pontiac Firebird Pegasus Concept Concept Information
1971 Pontiac Firebird Pegasus Concept

This Pontiac Pegasus was one of the dreams of General Motors design chief, Bill Mitchell. His efforts produced a parade of memorable concept cars and custom cars. This concept car is powered with Ferrari......
Pontiac Farago CF 428 Concept Information
1969 Pontiac Farago CF 428

Paul Faragos resume included work with Dual-Ghia and was a respected engineer and designer. His work impacted designs both in Europe and the United States. Farago had worked with Virgil Exner in developing......
Pontiac Monkeemobile Concept Information
1966 Pontiac Monkeemobile

This Kustom car is named the Monkeemobile and featured in the Monkees TV series, for the only rock n roll group that ever filmed a live-action TV series. It started out as a 1966 Pontiac GTO. Power......
Pontiac Banshee Concept Concept Information
1964 Pontiac Banshee Concept

Semon E. Bunkie Knudsen began working for General Motors in 1939 with the Pontiac Division. In 1955, he became general manager of the Detroit Diesel Division, and in 1956 he became a vice-president......
Pontiac Grand Prix X-400 Concept Concept Information
1963 Pontiac Grand Prix X-400 Concept

In 1962, GM Styling built the 1963 Pontiac X-400 Convertible out of a stock Catalina Convertible. The X-400 has a supercharged 421 Pontiac engine built by racer Mickey Thompson. One X-400 show car was......
Pontiac Club de Mer Concept Information
1956 Pontiac Club de Mer

The 1956 Pontiac Club De Mer was the unique masterpiece of GMs Motorama car show for 1956. The body was made out of anodized brushed aluminum and was a scant 38 inches high. The engine compartment......
Pontiac Bonneville Special Motorama Concept Information
1954 Pontiac Bonneville Special Motorama

Its said that Harley Earl, director of GM styling, got the idea for a GM concept car while watching world speed records being set at the Salt Flats in Utah. It would be a sports racer called a Bonneville......
Pontiac Parisienne Concept Information
1953 Pontiac Parisienne

This Pontiac dream car came from Harley Earl and his spirited team of stylists at the GM styling department.This car was first shown at the General Motors Motorama at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in......


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