Total Sale$568,385 
Average sales value$9,972 
Highest sale$103,876 
Lowest sale$143 
# of items offered for sale100 
Items sold57 (57%) 
Lots Withdrawn1  
Items without reserve
Items with a reserve101 (101%) 
Average price without reserve 
Highest price without reserve 
Lowest price without reserve 
Sales above six figures1 (1%) 
Sale value above estimated value
Sale value below estimated value
Sale values within estimated value
Unofficial information.

Auction Results
 VehicleSoldEstimated Sale ValueAverage
  Automobilia - 1935 Monaco Grand Prix Poster  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - 1936 Monaco Grand Prix Poster  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - 1989 Sauber Mercedes Victory at Lemans  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - 47 Celebrity Mug Shots Picture  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - Ayrton Senna Large Black & White Photo  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - Ayrton Senna Large Print on Canvas      N/A
  Automobilia - Carter Childs Jeep      N/A
  Automobilia - Ferrari Sign aprox 60x80cms.  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - Michael Schumacher Print  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - NGK Girl Painting  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - Sean Connery Large Black & White Photo  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - Steve McQueen Large Black & White Photo  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - Individually Made Titanium F1 Exhaust  Sold    N/A
  Automobilia - Large 18th Scale Model of a Short Nose D-Type Jaguar  Sold    N/A
  Vespa Automobilia - Ex-film company 1962 Vespa 150  Sold    N/A
  A Cherished Registration  Sold    N/A
  A Cherished Registration      N/A
  A Cherished Registration      N/A
  A Cherished Registration      N/A
  1974 Rover P6 3500S V8  Sold    N/A
  2000 MG MGF
Chassis#: SARRDWBGJYD519266 
Sold    N/A
  1947 Hillman Minx
Chassis#: 1720304 
  1974 Fiat 500R  Sold    N/A
  2000 Jaguar S-Type V6 3.0 SE Automatic
Chassis#: SAJAC01E9YFL53045 
  2003 Mercedes C200 Kompressor Avantgarde
Chassis#: R084729 
  1986 Porsche 944
Chassis#: WPOZZZ94ZGN405521 
Sold    $12,053*
  1995 Mercedes S500L LWB
Chassis#: WDB1400512A209810 
Sold    N/A
  1973 Triumph TR6
Chassis#: CR927D 
Sold    $16,586*
  2001 Mercedes SLK 230
Chassis#: WDB17404492F216556 
Sold    N/A
  2002 Land Rover Freelander
Chassis#: A385341 
Sold    N/A
  1979 Ford Based Super Seven
Chassis#: GCAFWE00564 
Sold    N/A
  1992 Daimler Double Six
Chassis#: SAJDDJLW3CR485565 
  1975 Triumph Toledo
Chassis#: DF102707DL 
Sold    N/A
  1968 Daimler 250 V8
Chassis#: P1K2195BW 
  1986 Bentley Eight
Chassis#: SCBZS80049CH15314 
  1996 Alfa Romeo Spider
Chassis#: ZAR91600006027999 
  2007 Bentley Continental GTC
Chassis#: SCBDE23W17C048620 
  1988 Jaguar XJS Convertible
Chassis#: SAJJNADW3DA150741 
Sold    $11,115*
  1956 Vauxhall Cresta E      N/A
  1988 Mercedes Benz 420 SE
Chassis#: WDB1260342A411936 
Sold    N/A
  1999 Mercedes CLK 320 V6
Chassis#: WDB2083652F0799465 
Sold    $9,471*
  1970 Ford Capri Mk1
Chassis#: BBECKA38871 
  1984 Jaguar XJ6 Series 3
Chassis#: SAJJCALP3CC390906 
Sold    $6,036*
  1953 Ford Prefect E493A
Chassis#: 717838 
Sold    N/A
  1972 Daimler Double Six SWB
Chassis#: 2A 1053BW 
Sold    N/A
  2004 Jaguar XKR
Chassis#: SAJAC41RX43A40062 
Sold    $16,438*
  1967 Fiat Dino Spider
Chassis#: 135AS0000170 
Sold    N/A
  2000 TVR Cerbera
Chassis#: SDLCB16A4YB001490 
Sold    $17,593*
  1998 Aston Martin DB7 Volante
Chassis#: SCFAA3110WK201910 
Sold    $51,803*
  2003 MG TF 135 Sunstorm
Chassis#: 1796CCSARRDWBKC4D626312 
  1992 Porsche 968 3.0 Cabriolet Tiptronic Vario Cam
Chassis#: WP0ZZZ96ZNS830107 
Sold    $33,440*
  1995 Mercedes SL500 R129
Chassis#: WDB1290672F129277 
  2003 Land Rover Range Rover HSE TD6 Automatic
Chassis#: SALLMAMC33A134719 
Sold    $9,387*
  1977 AutoBianchi Giardiniera
Chassis#: 319321 
Sold    N/A
  1953 Bentley R-Type
Chassis#: B135TO 
  1972 Alfa Romeo Spider RHD
Chassis#: 247 0190 
  1994 Bentley Continental R
Chassis#: H52274 
  1985 Jaguar XJS Cabriolet
Chassis#: SAJJNACW3CC126070 
Sold    $8,374*
  2000 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage
Chassis#: SCFAB123XYK300013 
Sold    $38,798*
  2008 BMW Alpina B5S
Chassis#: WAPB544008XH10456 Alpina Chassis no: CT32282 
Sold    N/A
  1960 Bentley S2 Saloon
Chassis#: B203BR 
  1990 Jaguar XJS V12 HE
Chassis#: SAJJNJEW3BR173626 
  1986 Porsche 944 Turbo
Chassis#: WP0ZZZ95ZGN102289 
Sold    $12,053*
  1999 Jaguar XKR Supercharged
Chassis#: SAJJGAEF3AR039781 
  1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina 2000      N/A
  2002 Bentley Arnage R Auto
Chassis#: SCBLC37F73CH08996 
Sold    N/A
  1937 MG TA
Chassis#: TA1295 
Sold    $29,176*
  2004 BMW Alpina B3 S 3.4 Switchtronic Auto      N/A
  1973 Jensen Interceptor Mk3
Chassis#: 1368991 
  1985 Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia Auto
Chassis#: WF0FXXGAGFET88662 
Sold    N/A
  1969 Jaguar Series 1 XJ6 4.2
Chassis#: 1L50267 
  1956 Mercedes 190SL
Chassis#: 6501016 
Sold    $93,549*
  2004 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S TIP S
Chassis#: WPOZZZ99Z4S64244 
  1995 Rover Mini Mayfair
Chassis#: SAXXNWAXKBD112639 
  1977 Teale Bugatti Aluminium Bodied Type 35 Tourer
Chassis#: SABTVR03622114720 
  1995 Daimler Double Six
Chassis#: SAJDKALS3BR729855 
  2005 Porsche Boxster
Chassis#: WP0ZZZ98Z6U700433 
  1971 Fiat 500      N/A
  1995 Jaguar XJS 4-litre
Chassis#: SAJJNAED3EJ193306 
  2002 Mercedes -Benz 500CL V8 Coupe
Chassis#: WDB2153752A027845 
Sold    N/A
  1996 Jaguar XK8 Coupe
Chassis#: SAJJGAED3AR004889 
  1991 Mercedes-Benz 500 SL V8
Chassis#: WDB1290662F046313 
Sold    N/A
  1998 Jaguar 4.0 Sovereign LWB
Chassis#: SAJJHAMD3CR853252 
Sold    N/A
  2000 Honda S2000
Chassis#: JHMAP1130YT005575 
  2003 Mercedes SL 350
Chassis#: WDB2304672F057027 
Sold    $21,309*
  1993 Land Rover Discovery Series 1 200tdi 3dr
Chassis#: SALLJGBF7KA058264 
  2004 Mercedes SL350
Chassis#: WDB2304672F076114 
Sold    $24,972*
  1990 BMW E320
Chassis#: WBABA12000EB66532 
Sold    N/A
  1967 Austin Healey MkIII BJ8
Chassis#: HBJ8L34192 
  1989 BMW 316i Automatic
Chassis#: WBAAC22060AB83452 
Sold    $7,958*
  2002 BMW X5
Chassis#: WBAFB92010LN75242 
Lot Withdrawn    $10,000*
  1994 Saab 9000 CD 2.3 Turbo Griffin Manual
Chassis#: YS3CD45MOR1031768 
  1991 Toyota Supra 3.0 Auto Non Turbo
Chassis#: JT1l3MA7000159486 
  1999 Fiat Coupe LHD
Chassis#: ZFA175000P0069193 
Sold    N/A
  2003 BMW 318Ci SE
Chassis#: WBABV72050JZ80901 
Sold    N/A
  1998 Saab 9-3 SE Automatic Convertible
Chassis#: YS3DF78J7W7052532 
Sold    N/A
  1999 Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible with Hardtop
Chassis#: WP0ZZZ99ZXS643189 
Sold    $20,818*
  1994 Daimler Six SWB  Sold    N/A
  1998 MG RV8
Chassis#: SARRAWBMBMG001038 
  1992 Ford Escort 1.4 Dash Convertible
Chassis#: WF0LXXGKALNC90277 
  1996 MG MGF
Chassis#: SARRDWBGAD002605 

* - average sale at auction based on historical auction sales data.

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