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  • Information on the 1954 Swallow Doretti
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  • 1954 Swallow Doretti1954 Swallow Doretti1954 Swallow Doretti
    1954 Swallow Doretti1954 Swallow Doretti1954 Swallow Doretti1954 Swallow Doretti1954 Swallow Doretti
    1954 Swallow Doretti1954 Swallow Doretti1954 Swallow Doretti1954 Swallow Doretti

    1954 Swallow DorettiThis open two-seater coupe was produced by Swallow Coachbuilding Co. between 1954 and 1955. It is a sports car based on the Triumph TR2. The Doretti was the first and only model produced. It has a tubular chassis with a body made of a steel inner structural skin and aluminum outlet. Production was halted in 1955 after 275 (possibly 276) cars were produced. World wide, only about 80 Doretti chassis are known to exist.

    This is a numbers matching Swallow Doretti with chassis number 1208. The designer was Frank Rainbow. It has a hand built aluminum body by Panelcraft. The Chrome-Moly tubular steel frame is by Swallow.

    The engine, number TS4288, is a 90 horsepower, 2-liter, 4-cylinder Vanguard. The engine and running gear are by standard-Triumph. The top speed is 100 mph. It cost $3,295 (US) when new. A lady dog breeder in Glasgow, Scotland was the first owner.

    The car is powered by the water-cooled, side cam, inline 4, 1991cc (2-liter) engine, with two overhead valves per cylinder, developing 90 horsepower with a top speed of about 100 mph.

    The current owner, while a 1955 student at Robert E. Lee High School, had a white Swallow Doretti with a black interior.

    The chassis number 1208 has never been modified for racing and is considered the most 'as original' restored example of the few Doretti's in existence.

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