1964 Porsche 356 Information
1964 Porsche 3561964 Porsche 3561964 Porsche 356

1964 Porsche 356The Type 356C was the final stage in the evaluation of the 356 before the introduction of the Type 911 in 1965. The C was manufactured in 1964 and 1965 with 16,684 cars produced.

This SC model was developed as a replacement for the Super 90 available in the B model. It served as a cost effective alternative high performance option to the very expensive and complex Furman 4-cam engine used in competition cars and the 356 Carrera model. The original purchase price was $4,575, with curb weight of 2060 lbs; the engine produces 107 horsepower, and the top speed is 115 mph. The car has 208,450 km or 125,20 original miles on the chassis.

The engine, transmission, body and equipment match the car's factory Cardex file. The only modification from the original configuration is the replacement of the factory 16mm front sway bar with a 17.5 unit. This materially reduces oversteer and improves high speed stability. Restoration was completed in 1995 by the original owner and the car was purchased by the current owner in 2004.