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Chassis Num: 35947
Engine Num: 71819
Build Num: 40647
Debuting in 1927, the 'S' was an enhanced descendant of the already famous 'K' which began production two years prior. Both were designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, Mercedes' Chief Engineer. The 'S' was definitely a sporting chassis wîth a low center of gravity designed for spirited and competition driving purposes. In 1927 alone, the Type 'S' was responsible for 27 victories, breaking 10 records at the same time.

The supercharged overhead cam six-cylinder now displaced 6.8 liters, and produced over 180 horsepower when the blower was engaged. Twin carburetors and double ignition were enlisted to retain the power up to the maximum 3,000 RPM. Power was fed through a multiple disc clutch to a four-speed transmission and could propel the 2,800 lb. chassis to well over 100 mph. During the two-year run of 1927-1928, just 146 Type 'S' were built.

This was originally owned by Al Jolson and subsequently by noted designer Brooks Stevens. The car was purchased from Stevens by Don Williams in 1990. The car was in mint condition when purchased in 1990. In 1991 the car was completely restored by Mike Fennel Restorations.

The 6.8-liter 'S' models were built from 1927 through 1928 and were the victorious favorites of world famous drivers. They also scored highly at international auto salons where experts proclaimed this model 'the last word in motor car design.' The Type S was the ultimate supercar of the late 1920s, driven by Barney Oldfield, Al Jolson and Harold Vanderbilt, among others.

Source - Blackhawk Collection

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