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Fastback Coupe
In 1966, Ford ordered the production of ten custom 'Long Nose' Mustangs to compete in the new Experimental Stock drag racing class. Members of the Ford Drag Council, which included a slew of legendary drag racers, received the Mustangs. These cars became known as 'dollar cars' because they were sold to each racer for a price of $1, wîth the agreement that they would only be used for drag racing.

One of the drivers lucky enough to receive a 1966 Long Nose Mustang was California native Gasper 'Gas' Ronda. Ford included just enough features to send him down the race track quickly. The car had a parachute, a fire extinguisher, and a single front seat, but no front brakes.

1966 was another record year for Ronda as he sat at or near the top of the Drag News Top Ten. He compiled wins at the AHRA World Championship and at the giant 'Smokers' meet at Bakersfield. Gas won C/Fuel at the NHRA Winternationals and was almost unbeatable in match races, besting Sox and Martin in Drag Racing Magazine's East vs. West Meet among many other wins.

Though this Mustang achieved a speed of 174.08 mph, by 1967 drag racers started to pursue other styles of drag cars.

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