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Chassis Num: GHN5UF378118G
Sold for $7,040 at 2006 Worldwide Auctioneers.
The MGB was Britain's best-selling sports car and offered as both convertible and coupe. Production began on May 1962 and replaced the MGA. Production continued until October 22, 1980. The chassis was constructed of a unibody structure that reduced weight, improved strength, and reduced manufacturing costs. Zero-to-sixty took just over 11 seconds thanks in-part to the three bearing, 1798 cc engine that produced just under 100 horsepower. In 1964 the engine was improved to a five-bearing crankshaft which improved the vehicles reliability.

The MGB was a safe automobile, being one of the first to employ crumple zones which protected the driver and passenger in a 30 mph impact.

The example shown, adorned in Bracken orange paint, carries chassis number GHN5UF378118G. It was offered at the 2006 Worldwide Group Auction held on Hilton Head Island was expected to sell between $8000-12,000. The estimation was nearly correct, for it found a new home at the price of $7,040.

By Daniel Vaughan | Nov 2006

Auction Sales Information
AuctionWorldwide Group Auction at Hilton Head Island
Estimated Value:$8,000-$12,000 
Sale Price$7,040

Worldwide Group Auction at Hilton Head Island1970-2002