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Chassis Num: 21223
Sold for $118,250 at 2008 RM Auctions.
The Silver Ghost enjoyed a long, eighteen years production lifespan and saw many refinements to its chassis and engine during that period. Between 1907 and 1925, there were 6,173 examples of the 40/50 Silver Ghost created.

This example is a Silver Ghost Roadster that has been treated to a body-off restoration and rebuilt to exact specifications. The entire chassis was restored and painted in red. All of the brass plated and aluminum bright-work was refinished and polished. The brass lights and gauges were completely rebuilt. The engine is the famous 7428cc L-head six-cylinder unit that promises 48 horsepower.

There is seating for two with a rear area that holds a hot air balloon wicker passenger basket mounted on a custom aluminum rack.

In 2008, this 1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Roadster was offered for sale at the 'sports & Classics of Monterey' presented by RM Auctions. It had an estimated value of $160,000 - $200,000 and sold for $118,250 including buyer's premium.

By Daniel Vaughan | Jan 2009

Auction Sales Information
AuctionSports & Classics of Monterey by RM Auctions
Estimated Value:$160,000-$200,000 
Sale Price$118,250

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