1 SU HIF 6 carburetor
Engines/Vehicles with this Fuel Feed
1.798 Liter I-4 68.00
1973 Austin
1.798 Liter I-4 68.00
1975 Austin
1.798 Liter I-4 68.00
1974 Austin
1974 Austin Mini Cooper
Other Components Made by this Manufacturer
1 SU carburetor
1 SU H2 carburetor
1 SU HIF 6 carburetor
1 SU horizontal carburetor
1 SU HS2 carburetor
1 SU side-draught carburetor
2 Hitach SU-type carburetors
2 SU 1.75 inch Carburetors
2 SU carburetors
2 SU Diaphragm-type carburetors
2 SU H1 carburetors
2 SU H2 carburetors
2 SU H4 carburetors
2 SU H6 carburetors
2 SU H6 Semi-Downdraft carburetors
2 SU H6 sidedraft carburetors
2 SU HD6 carburetors
2 SU HD8 horizontal carburetors
2 SU Horizontal carburetors
2 SU horizontal Expanding-Type carburetors
2 SU HS2 carburetor
2 SU HS2 Semi-Downdraft carburetors
2 SU HVG5 Carbs
2 SU HVG5 carburetors
2 SU Semi-Downdraft carburetors
2 SU Sidedraft carburetors
2 SU Variable-Jet carburetors
2 SU 'sloper' carburetors
2 SU-Type carburetors
3 SU carburetors
3 SU HD6 carburetor
3 SU Horizontal carburetors
3 SU HS4 carburetor
3 SU Sidedraft carburetors
Direct injection diesel with high-pressure common rail
Direct injection with high-pressure common rail
Microprocessor-controlled petrol injection with pressure-signal based load measurement
One or two Hitachi (SU-type) carburetor
Solex or SU carburetors
SU Downdraft carburetor
SU Semi-downdraft carburetor
SU Sidedraft carburetor

Vehicle information, history, and specifications from concept to production.

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