1972 Mercedes-Benz 250

The 1972 Mercedes-Benz 250-Series was available as a 4-door sedan and a 2-door coupe (250C). There were few changes for 1972 on the 250 Series; standard power was an overhead-cam six-cylinder engine displacing 169.5 cubic-inches and offering 150 horsepower. An automatic gearbox was standard and disc brakes were found at all four corners. Pricing for the sedan began at $7,200 while the coupe was slightly higher than $8,000.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2013
The W-110 'Fintail' Series was succeeded by the W-114 and W-115 models in 1968, also known as 'Stroke 8' by enthusiasts. These were very versatile machines that satisfied a plethora of needs. They were available with both gasoline and diesel engines, in four, five or six cylinders. The gasoline models with the six-cylinder engines were given the designation of 230, 250 or 280, according to nominal metric displacement. This meant that the 230 Mercedes had a 2.3 liter engine, the 250 had a 2.5 liter version, and the 280 was powered by a 2.8L engine.

Production of the W114, and the similar W115, continued from 1968 through 1976. The differences between the W114 and W115 were with the engines. The W116 were fitted with the straight-six engines. The W115 used straight-4 and straight-5 engines and sold under the names 200, 220, 230, and 240. After 1976, the 'Stroke-8' models were replaced by the W123 series. The '8' portion of the 'Stroke-8' nickname signified '1968.' The following year the cars were designated 'W-114/9', 'Stroke 9'. This nickname never caught on and the original nickname stuck for the entire series.

In 1969, Mercedes-Benz introduced a coupe version and given the designation 'C' after the model number. The coupe had the same wheelbase and length as the saloon version and from the A-pillar forward they were identical. There were differences; the passenger compartment was 19-inches shorter in the coupe, and the roof was two inches lower. The trunk was much longer.

In 1969 the 250CE featured the Bosch D-jetronic fully electronic fuel injection system. This marked the first time a production Mercedes-Benz ever used this system. The fuel-injection system was used for two years before it was dropped in favor of a mechanical system. All coupe models were given the six-cylinder engine.

The 'Stroke-8' models featured many 'firsts' for the Mercedes-Benz marque. They were the first models for Mercedes-Benz to include a center console. In 1974 they were given ribbed taillights and a revised rear axle.

A four-speed manual gearbox was standard, but a four-speed automatic could be ordered, as could optional power steering and air conditioning.
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2007

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