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In 1948, Chevrolet unveiled a new line of pickups which they termed the 'Advanced Design' truck. Standard equipment included a heater and a defroster, a luxury in those days. The cab was enlarged by eight inches and was seven inches taller. This made seating for three a reality. To improve visibility, the windshield was enlarged and cut into two pieces. In the front, the grille featured a horizontal design and recessed headlamps. The fenders became rounder, complimenting the aerodynamic and smooth body.

The trucks were customizable and offered with a wide array of optional equipment, ranging from engine upgrades to chrome accents.

Chevrolet put their new truck line on most commercial vehicle designs, ranging in size from 116 inches all the way up to 137 inches. Chevrolet was selling everything from Panel trucks to school buses.

By Daniel Vaughan | Aug 2006
Chassis Num: 14HP279886
Sold for $35,000 at 2015 Mecum.
Chevrolet truck dealers began selling their new 'Advanced Design' light-duty pickup in June of 1947. These were the first genuinely new trucks to reach the market in the post-war era. The company had done extensive research into what business owners wanted in a new truck. The new Advanced Design Era truck was penned by Chevrolet's designers and given a completely welded cab that was seven inches longer and eight inches wider.

One of the most prominent feature was the modernized cab, with its almost full-width hood, passenger car-styled front grille and integrated headlights. It was given the first three-man seat that was fully adjustable. In the front was a new, larger windshield that featured bigger side and rear windshield, which greatly improved safety and drivability. Entry and exit was made easier by higher and wider cab doors.
The new Chevrolet trucks featured a fresh-air heater/defroster system that brought fresh air in the cab and forced used air out through vents at the rear of the cab. The cargo beds were also bigger with lower opening gates which made loading and unloading easier.

The 216.5 cubic-inch six-cylinder engine was modified in 1950 resulting in a boost of horsepower to 92 BHP at 3400 RPM and 176 ft-lbs.

Sale of these trucks continued until March 25th of 1955, when an all-new early V8 pickup truck was announced by Chevrolet. During its production lifespan, sales were strong and there was little need for year-to-year changes. During its seven year lifespan, it remained mostly unchanged.

This particular example has been given a frame-up build with a later-production 235 CID inline-6 engine mated to a three-speed manual transmission. It is finished in Chevrolet Swift Red paint with a beltline Ivory pinstripe. It has a chrome grille, chrome bumper, bumper guards, outside mirror, running board trim and step pads, and rides on wide whitewall tires with chromed hub caps and trim rings. Inside, there is a brown interior. The carbo bed features highly varnished Golden Oak flooring and stainless-steel strips.

By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2016
Chassis Num: 5HSE2446
High bid of $37,500 at 2016 Mecum. (did not sell)
Chevrolet introduced their Advance Design commercial trucks in 1947, which saw the 1/2-ton pickup truck evolve from a utilitarian vehicle into a more popular choice for everyday motoring. In 1950, the truck received a wider bench seat with deeper cushioning, a fused circuit breaker electrical system and an improved version of the Chevrolet Thriftmaster inline 6-cylinder engine with larger exhaust valves and Rochester Power-Jet carburetor. Telescopic shock absorbers replaced earlier lever-action units in 1950 for an improved ride.

This particular Chevrolet 3100 Series 5-window has been given a restoration. It is a 1/2-ton light-duty commercial pickup that is powered by a 216 cubic-inch Thriftmaster six that offers 92 horsepower at 3400 RPM. It has a single 1-barrel Rochester carburetor and an optional oil bath air cleaner that could trap and hold up to 2 pounds of dirt. The engine is mated to a 3-speed manual transmission with steering column mounted shifter.

The interior features a brown leatherette-upholstered bench seat for three-across comfort and factory issue style. The exterior is finished in two-tone cream over green color scheme with red Chevrolet lettering and pinstriped accents.

By Daniel Vaughan | Nov 2016
The Chevrolet 3100 Pickup, or the Advance Design series was General Motors' first major redesign following World War II. Delivering a design that was rougher and tougher and more durable than previous designs, the 3100 was much more updated. Launched in June of 1947, these trucks continued in production until March of 1955. The Task Force Series trucks replaced the Advance Design model. From 1947 through 1955 Chevrolet trucks were ranked number one in sales in the U.S. The 3100 Pickup came in three sizes, the half, three-quarter, and full ton capacities in both long and short wheelbases.

The first year it arrived, the 3100 pickup had hood side emblems that read 'Chevrolet' with 'Thriftmaster' or 'Loadmaster' under it. There weren't any vent windows in the doors and the gas tank filler neck was on the passenger side of the truck bed. For 1948 the manual transmission shifter was relocated to a mounted column rather than the floor. The following year the gas tank was moved to a mounted upright area behind the seat inside the cab, filler neck aft of passenger door handle. Another big update for this year were the new designations of 3100 on ½ ton, 3600 on ¾ tons and 3800 on 1 ton which designated cargo capacity and took the place of the 'Thriftmaster' or 'Loadmaster' hood side emblems.

In 1950 the 3100 Pickup received telescopic shock absorbers, which replaced the previous lever-action type. 1950 would be the final year for the driver's side cowl vent, and the handle was no longer the maroon knob but flat steel. New serial number codes this year were HP ½ top, HR ¾ ton, and HS 1 ton. The following year vent windows were finally added to the doors. Halfway through 1951 the 9-board bed was replaced with 8 boards per bed. This would be the final year for chrome window handle knobs and wiper knobs. The 80 MPH speedometer would also be removed. For 1951 the new serial number codes were JP ½ ton, JR ¾ ton and JS 1 ton.

For 1952 the outer door handles became the push button type instead of the turn down style previously. The earlier 80 mph speedometer was replaced with a 90 mph one. Other changes this year included new dashboard trim instead of chrome and maroon wiper and window knobs. Chevrolet dropped the 3100-6400 designations on the hoods and new serial number codes were KP ½ ton, KR ¾ ton, & KS 1 ton. 1953 would be the year the hood side emblems read only '3100' '3600', '3800', '4400', or '6400' in large prints. It was also the final year for the 216 in³ inline-six engine and wood blocks as bed supports. The door post ID plate was now blue with silver letters instead of black with silver letters. The new serial number codes for 1953 were H ½ ton, J ¾ ton, & L 1 ton.

1954 would be the year for big design updates for the 3100 pickup. No longer using a center vertical dividing strip, the windshield was now a curved one-piece glass shield. Interior changes included an updated dashboard and steering wheel. On the outside the taillights were made round rather than rectangular and the cargo bed rails, which had been angled, were now horizontal. Dubbed a 'bull nose' grille, the 3100 grille went from five horizontal slats to crossbar design like modern Dodge truck grills. Parking lights were incorporated into the grille and the grille could be ordered in chrome for an addition price, an option that was rarely ordered. For the first time Hydramatic automatic transmission was now available as an added option and torque tub drive still remained. Powering the 3100 was the new 235 in³ straight-6 engine with higher compression, insert bearings, and high-pressure lubrication. The engine had first been introduced on Powerglide-equipped passenger cars in 1953. Serial number codes remained the same this year.

The only changes in 1955 were updated hood-side emblems and the enclosed torque tube replaced with modern open driveshaft. Serial number continued the same as before.


By Jessica Donaldson
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