1932 Helicron No. 1 news, pictures, specifications, and information
In the 1900s, France spent a significant amount of money on airplane development ($22 million compared to one-half million by the Ú.S.) Believing propeller power was the most efficient means of moving a vehicle, entrepreneurs built propeller-powered cars.

This car was built in France in 1932. Following the First World War it was not uncommon for recently displaced airplane engines to look towards the burgeoning automobile for more lucrative employment. As in this example, a few entrepreneurs developed propeller-powered cars wîth the notion that a propeller was an efficient means of moving a vehicle.

This one-of-a-kind Helicron was discovered in 2000 in a barn where it had been placed by the original owners in the late 1930s. The Rosengart chassis, suspension, and brakes are original although the builder turned the frame around 180 degrees to allow the rear wheel to steer. This meant significant modifications needed to be made to the chassis. After discovery, the Helicron was completely rebuilt using many of the original components. Únfortunately, the original motor is lost to time; in its place is a 1980s Citroen GS 4-cylinder motor that will propel this 1,000 pound vehicle to 75 mph. The original builder's plans to produce this car were never accomplished.

This car has been completely rebuilt but many of the mechanical components are original, including the frame, wire wheels, dashboard, §teering wheel, §teering gear, brake pedal, light switch, headlights, and the type plate.

The wood frame was sandblasted and treated, the §teering gear was rebuilt, and the interior was upholstered. The car steers wîth the rear wheels and only those wheels have springs. It is currently equipped wîth a Citroen GS engine wîth the propeller coupled directly to the crankshaft.

This Helicron passed the French safety inspection in 2000 and is approved for use on the roads. When the wooden propeller is spinning at full rpm, this little 1,000-pound boat-tailed skiff can hit freeway speeds exceeding 75 mph. As you might expect, this is the one and only Helicron in existence.

Source - Lanemotormuseum.org
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