1933 Packard 1006 Twelve news, pictures, specifications, and information
Convertible Sedan Dietrich
Coachwork: Dietrich
Chassis Num: 10062
Sold for $1,650,000 at 2006 Gooding & Company.
Sold for $1,760,000 at 2011 RM Auctions.
Packard introduced their Twelves in 1932 in response to the cylinder war assault initiated by Cadillac among American luxury car marques. Cadillac had introduced their V8 in 1915, while most other marques were powering their vehicles predominately by huge displacement six cylinder engines. In 1916, Packard responded with the Twin-Six. The engine was replaced by the smooth running straight eight in 1924.

Cadillac introduced their V12 and a V16 in 1930. Packard responded with this new V12 in 1932. In 1934 the V12's displacement was 445.5 cubic-inches offering 160 horsepower. Top speed was in the neighborhood of 100 mph although Packard advertising modestly claimed over 85 mph.

This example was one of three built especially for the 1933 New York Auto Show with an elegant open body by coachbuilder Dietrich. It has never been restored, but has been freshened.

It was delivered to an unknown customer by Packard's New York City branch on 11th Avenue on April 1, 1933. By the 1960s, the car had been purchased by Rhode Island collector George Waterman. In 1978, it was purchased by Peter R. Rosi of St. Charles, Illinois. Mr. Rosi retained the car for a decade. The next owner was Sam Vaughn who purchased it at auction in September of 1987 and kept it for about five years before selling it to William Chorkey in Michigan. In 1991, it was invited to Pebble Beach where it took Most Elegant honors. Chorkey then sold it to Ron Benach of Lake Forest, Illinois. Dr. Joseph Murphy in Pennsylvania purchased it from Benach, selling it to Otis Chandler in 1998. While the car was in Chandler's care, it received a CCCA National First Place at San Ramon, California and Best of Show at the June 2000 Silverado Concours d'Elegance. Mr. John O'Quinn acquired the car in 2006.

This vehicle has never been fully restored. It is painted in maroon and has a tan canvas top. The inside is finished in black leather.

In 2011, the car was offered for sale at RM Auction's Arizona sale where it was estimated to sell for $1,500,000 - $2,000,000. As bidding came to a close, the car had been sold for the sum of $1,760,000, inclusive of buyer's premium.
Convertible Victoria
Coachwork: Dietrich
Chassis Num: 100622
Engine Num: 901368
This 1933 Packard 1006 Twelve Convertible Victoria was shown at the 2006 Gooding & Company Auction where it was used as a promotional tool for the Otis Chandler Auction which took place at a later date. The body is by Dietrich and carries chassis nu  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2007
Convertible Victoria
Coachwork: Dietrich
This is the only known existing example of the vee-windshield convertible Victoria style built by Packard in 1933. The car is powered by Packard's 445 cubic-inch V-12, a powerplant known not only for its performance but its utter silence. Packard's m  [Read More...]
Stationary Coupe Dietrich
Coachwork: Dietrich
The 1933 Packard dropped the Twin six nameplate from their twelve-cylinder cars in favor of the more modern Packard Twelve designation. This two-to-four passenger coupe is the ultimate in the small-cabin-on-a-long chassis style. The year 1933 was a v  [Read More...]
Stationary Coupe Dietrich
Coachwork: Dietrich
Chassis Num: 100605
Sold for $1,622,500 at 2010 RM Auctions.
This custom Dietrich 2/4-passenger Coupe is believed to have been owned by multi-millionaire oil man John Mecom of Houston, Texas. Later in life, he became the owner of the new Orleans Saints football team. The car would remain in his family for near  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2010
Coachwork: Fernandez & Darrin
Although the worst effects of the Depression were being felt in 1933, Packard offered the option of many standard and custom bodies. Both 8- and 12- cylinder engines were available. The car shown is an extraordinary example of a custom body by Fernan  [Read More...]
Convertible Sedan Dietrich
Coachwork: Dietrich
Chassis Num: 900 245
Sold for $1,100,000 at 2011 RM Auctions.
This 1932 Packard Twin Six Individual Custom Convertible Sedan by Dietrich, Inc. was originally owned by Al Jolson. Jolson was a singer, dancer, and actor and was given the nickname 'The World's Greatest Entertainer.' He recorded more than 200 record  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Nov 2011
Convertible Sedan Dietrich
Coachwork: Dietrich
Chassis Num: 901615
Engine Num: 901828
Sold for $385,000 at 2012 RM Auctions.
Sold for $365,000 at 2016 RM Auctions.
After stints at Brewster and LeBaron, Ray Dietrich left to form Dietrich Inc., where his designs attracted the attention of Packard management, and soon became one of Dietrich's best customers. After 1933, all open Packards carried Dietrich body tags  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2012
All Weather Town Car LeBaron
Coachwork: LeBaron
Chassis Num: 901626
Engine Num: 901533
Sold for $374,000 at 2015 RM Auctions.
It is believed that three individual Custom All-Weather Town Cars built by LeBaron on the Packard Tenth Series V-12 chassis in 1933. This example, vehicle number 1006-46, is the only one known to have survived in modern time. It is also the only exam  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2015
Custom Sport Phaeton
Coachwork: LeBaron
Chassis Num: 901471
Engine Num: 901473
Sold for $583,000 at 2015 RM Auctions.
The Individual Custom Sport Phaeton was offered solely on the Eleventh Series Twelve chassis on a very limited basis. Designed by Packard styling director Edward Macauley, they had fully skirted fenders, rear fender 'spats', streamlined running board  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2015
The Packard Twelve was produced from 1933 to 1939 with over 35,000 examples produced. It is considered by many to be one of the finest automobiles produced by Packard and one of the most significant creations of the classic car era. The long and flowing front hood hid a 445 cubic-inch side-valve twelve cylinder engine that was refined, powerful, smooth, and quiet.

The engine was originally destined for a front wheel drive project which eventually proved to have weaknesses. That and the anticipated development cost were too much to be practical so Packard decided to scrap the idea. Cadillac had introduced their 16-cylinder engine and other marques such as Pierce-Arrow were improving the performance of their offerings. Packard was feeling the pressure and decided to place the engine into the Deluxe Eight Chassis and dubbed it the Twin Six. The name was in honor of Packard's achievement fifteen years earlier when the introduced their first 12-cylinder engine. By 1933 the name was changed to Twelve to be inline with the rest of the Packard models.

Most of the Packard production Twelve's received factory bodies. Only a handful received custom coachwork by such greats as LeBaron and Dietrich.

In 1935 Packard introduced more horsepower and mechanical improvements. The suspension became more plush and comfortable while the steering became easier to operate. The cars were designed and built as one unit including the fenders, running boards, hood and body.

1936 the final year for 17 inch wire wheels and the double blade bumpers with hydraulic dampers.
By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2008
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