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1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer news, pictures, specifications, and information
A step above Plymouth in performance and luxury, Dodge's top-of-the-line Custom Royal models were flamboyant expressions of Virgil Exner's trend-setting 'Forward Look' styling.

This Custom Royal Convertible is one of 2,456 built in 1957 and is equipped with the rare D-500 option, which included a 310-horsepower, 325 cubic-inch, Super Red Ram Hemi V8 engine and Carter 4-barrel carburetor. It is believed to be one of only five D-500 Convertibles ordered with the three-speed manual transmission.

This unusual car was meticulously maintained by its first owner for 47 years and has traveled only 14,985 miles since new. It remains completely original and unrestored, right down to the period-correct plastic seat covers and dealer-installed search light mirror.
Dodge described the 1957 Custom Royal Lancer as 'completely new, from road to roof,' and it was. The longer, lower and wider body sat on a new X-braced frame with side rails. 'Twin-Set Driving and Parking Lights' were neatly placed above the 'Mono-Grille.' Out back, 'Soaring Swept Wings' housed new 'Twin-Jet Taillamps.' The Torque-Flite automatic transmission featured pushbutton controls and a 'Scope-Sight' horizontal red ribbon speedometer accurately reported vehicle speed. All in all, it was a dramatic package that set the pace for medium-priced cars in 1957.

This Custom Royal Convertible is one of only 2,456 built in 1957 and is equipped with the rare Super D-500 option, which included a 330 horsepower, 325 cubic-inch, Super Red Ram Hemi V8 with dual 4-barrel carburetors. It has just completed a full restoration and is refinished in the original colors of 'Tropical Coral and Glacier White.' The unique upholstery fabric has been carefully replicated.
Before the creation of the Daimler Chrysler in 1998, the Dodge Lancer was the model for the Dodge division and used to denote models three times in its history.

Designating both two and four door pillarless hardtop models in the Coronet, Royal and Custom Royal lines, the Lancer name was used by Dodge from 1955 to 1959.

A two door hardtop version of the mid-level models designed by Dodge in 1955, the Lancer ran in the production line until 1960.

On V8 powered models, a V8 emblem was customized to the side, just below the V in the side trim.

The Lancer name was passed on to a clone on the compact model Valiant which was met with huge success during the 1961 year. Given round taillights with full width grilles, Lancers used a Slant-6 engine.

South Africa introduced a right hand drive version of the Lancer that was sold from 1961 to 1963 though renamed as the DeSota Rebel. Equipped with the same 170 in³ Slant 6 engine, most came with the 3-speed manual transmission. In accordance to South Africican vehicle equipment ruglation, white reflectors were mounted to the front bumper.

Though not meeting sales expectations, possibley due to total resign of Dodge's compact car line, the Lancer was discontinued in 1963.

Re-introduced in 1985, a mid-sized 5-door hatchback version cloned from Chrysler LeBaronGTS and based on the Chrysler H platform.

Replaced by the Spirit, production ended April 7, 1989.

All production and design work was done in Sterling Heights Michigan.

By Jessica Donaldson
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