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Coachwork: Mulliner
Chassis Num: BC122LCZ
Sold for $264,000 at 2008 RM Sothebys.
The Bentley S2 was introduced at the 1959 London Motor Show. It included an all-alloy 200 horsepower V8 engine which had the same overall weight as the six-cylinder unit found in the S1 models it replaced. The S2 was equipped with a four-speed GM HydraMatic transmission, power steering, and upgraded power-assisted brakes. The Continental raised the performance bar even further, with upgraded brakes and a higher rear axle ratio. Top speed was in the neighborhood of 113 miles per hour.

H.J. Mulliner & Sons and other respectable coachbuilders were called upon to create custom bodies to appeal to those searching for more. The coachbuilt S2 Continentals were luxurious, stylish, and desirable.

This example was originally a left-hand drive U.S specification car that was shipped on May 28th of 1962 to J.S. Inskip of New York. It was sold to Mr. Richard Dietrich of Villanova, Pennsylvania. Mr. Dietrich drove the car until the early 1970s. Since then, the car has been housed in a garage and well maintained. it has been driven just 27,000 miles since new and has remained in the same family since new.

This H.J. Mulliner coachbuilt S2 Continental is finished in two-tone color of Sand over Sable. It rides on new Michelin tires. There are Sable-colored steel wheels with trim rings, hubcaps, and red pin striping. The interior is trimmed with tan Connolly leather upholstery and gorgeous walnut woodwork. There is an upgraded 'Metravox' AM/FM radio, air conditioning system, electrically operated windows, a heater, and seat-belt anchors and luggage straps.

In 2008, this car was brought to the 2nd Annual Vintage Motor Cars of Hershey presented by RM Auctions where it was estimated to sell for $175,000-$225,000. Bidding exceeded those expectations, reaching $264,000 including buyer's premium. The lot was sold.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2008
Flying Spur
This S-II Continental was initially sold by Jack Barclay in London. When its first owner traded it back to Barclay in the early 1970s, Battle Creek, MI newspaper publisher Robert Miller purchased it and had it transported to the United States, where he drove it intermittently for many years. Shortly before his death, Miller sold it to the current owner. Not wanting to undertake a complete restoration, a 'preservation' process was initiated with the intent of bringing the car back as closely as possible to its original condition. Many items were repaired or replaced, but the car is essentially as it was purchased, and is used as a 'sometimes driver' at the owner's resident in Palm Beach.
Drophead Convertible
Coachwork: Mulliner
In June of 1962, Mr. J. Constant Van Rijn took delivery of this car through the local Rolls-Royce agency of J. Inskip in New York, who placed the order through the 'sub-retailer' Jack Barclay, Ltd., in the United Kingdom. Mr. Van Rijn was the founder of aerospace giant Rotron Manufacturing, now known as Ametek-Rotron. he purchased it as a gift for Mrs. Orser, of Woodstock, MY, who was said to be the 'love of his life.' This example has undergone a complete restoration by the current owner.
Coachwork: Mulliner
This 1962 Bentley S-2 Continental H.J. Mulliner (Spur Coupe) Sports Saloon is one of only 29 left drive, alloy-bodied, high-speed tourers built to this body style between 1960 and 1962. This air conditioned, corrosion free example has traveled a total of only 82,439 kilometers (49,000+ miles) since first delivered to Fribourg (Geneva), Switzerland, to a director of Hoffmann-Larouche Pharmaceuticals.

This undamaged coachwork has been refinished for the first time in its Donegal Green shade which remains on the car today, since upgraded by Vantage Motorworks, Inc, over a period of a few years. The tan Connolly hides were redone as required and the correct air conditioning has been fitted. All of its tools, the small ones in their Mulliner box, the correct original manual and copies of the factory order accompany the vehicle.

The car is currently on its sixth owner.
Coachwork: Mulliner
Chassis Num: BC60LCZ
Engine Num: C59BC
The Bentley S2 was introduced in 1959. It was an ultra-exclusive, high-performance model with H.J. Mulliner being the coachbuilder of choice for the sporting S2 Continental.

Bentley would build 388 examples of the S2 Continental with fewer than 100 examples supplied with H.J. Mulliner's two-door design.

This particular example is one of just 27 Continentals built to design number 7514 in left-hand drive by H.J. Mulliner. The body was formed completely from aluminum at the coachbuilder's West London works. The first owner was Henry T. Mudd of Los Angeles. It was finished in Tudor Grey with scarlet Connolly hides, cardinal red carpets and gray headliner. It was given many unusual features, such as electric windows; custom-tailored, lightweight front seats; Richmond-type lap belts; Sundym glass; special Tudor, type-two sun visors, brighter-than-standard instrument lighting; and a radio.

Upon completion, the car was set to the Official Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealer Peter Satori in Pasadena, California, and delivered to Mr. Mudd on November 6th of 1961.

Mr. Mudd retained the car until the fall of 1968, when it was sold to its second owner, James C. Armstrong of Midland, Texas. By this time, the car had been refinished in Sand and had accumulated just over 40,000 miles. The third owner, David Horne of Beverly Hills, California, acquired it in July of 1985. It would remain with Mr. Horne for the next twenty-five years.

The car is currently in the care of its fourth owner.
By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2014
Flying Spur
After World War II, faster and better roads on continental Europe enabled cruising at high speeds for long periods. Bentley Motors responded with the Continental - a series of rare, high performance, and expensive motorcars to discerning owners from 1952 to 1965.

This car is one of the 49 left-hand drive examples built in the S2 series 388 vehicles from 1959-62. The S2 series introduced the new 6.2-liter V8. All Continentals were 'coach built' lightweights by H.J. Mulliner & Co. using aluminum panels over a frame of extruded light alloy, and weight was the key to Continentals performance. When customers demanded more rear headroom and easier access than the 2-door coupe, Mulliner designed the four-door 'Flying Spur', keeping all the performance in an elegant and more practical continental touring car. The combination of high performance, higher gearing, light weight and wind tunnel proven aerodynamics, enabled the Continental to achieve speeds well in excess of 100 mph, qualifying it as the fastest genuine 4-seater in the world at the time and also the most expensive.
The Bentley S2 was introduced in 1959 and produced until 1962. The S2 replaced the S1 and would later be replaced by the S3. The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I and the Bentley S1 had been nearly identical. This tradition continued with the Bentley S2 and the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II also being nearly identical. Most of the bodies were constructed by Bentley but few custom coachbuilders, such as Hooper, James Young, Park Ward, and H.J. Mulliner were commissioned to body the vehicles.
Under the hood was an all-aluminum 6230 cc V-8 engine with dual SU carburetors that would be used by Bentley until the 1998 Arnage. Servo-assisted drum brakes were used to provide stopping power. The front suspension was independent with coil springs while the rear was semi-elliptic springs.

The S2, by many, were considered to be the greatest of the S-series. These four-door touring automobiles were well known for their ample room for four passengers and their luggage.
By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2006
A ride oozing pure luxury, the extravagant S2 Continental was a high-performance variant of the Bentley S2, which was produced from 1959 through 1962. The S2 designation stood for the new V8 engine and the designation 'Continental' had been previously used from 1912 by Rolls Royce. Standard on S2 models was power steering, a new dashboard and steering wheel, though some early models came with the earlier S1 dashboard.

The S2 was the replacement for the Bentley S1 and brought with it an all-new aluminum V8 engine that displaced 6.2 L over the previous straight-six engine from the S1. The new engine was a vast improvement over previous models. Fitted with twin carbs with automatic choke, the V8 engine in the S2 had a compression ratio of 8 to 1. Operating the overhead valves were hydraulic tappets while the cylinder blocks and heads were cast in aluminum alloys. To keep up with high speed cruising on modern roads the S2 had a higher rear axle ratio and upgraded brakes.

A total of three hundred and eighty-eight luxurious S2 Continental's were produced during its brief production span. All models were drophead coupes or sports saloons with the exception of the 4-door 'Flying Spur'. Drophead coupes are two-door convertibles while a sports saloon is a high-performance two or four-door enclosed automobile with a front and back seat. The Continental line included the H.J Mulliner Coupé, H.J. Mulliner Flying Spur, the James Young Sports Saloon and Park Ward Drophead Coupé. Original to the Bentley line, the open Drophead Coupé was designed by Vilhelm Koren of Norway for Park Ward and featured an exclusive straight fender line. Out of the 388 S2 Continentals, only 125 models were built with this Drophead Coupé design

The 'Continental' form was the highest trim level available in the lineup and offered a much more luxurious and faster ride than standard production vehicles. Today the Bentley Continental S2 is a highly desirable collectible. Their special coach-built frame and 'higher-than-standard' performance levels thanks to lightweight body construction, robust engines and high gear ratios easily distinguish continental models from 'regular' Bentley models. They included lavish upgrades like press button window lifts, electric rear window demisters, electrically operated ride control, power-assisted steering, updated and more flexible AC and fully automatic transmission.

Famed coachbuilder H.J. Mulliner produced 128 examples of the four-door sport saloon 'Flying Spur'. Of these exclusive 128 models only 52 were left-hand drive models.


By Jessica Donaldson
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