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1912 Standard Electric Model Electrique news, pictures, specifications, and information
Few examples remain of what was the Standard Electric Car Company of Jackson, Michigan. The company was in business from 1911-1915. Clem Krueger, who had worked for the Studebaker brothers in South Bend, Indiana, ran the Standard Electric Car Company and adhered to strict electric vehicle practices in his automobile's production. The most popular model during those short production years was the closed Coupe, however a Runabout was occasionally offered. The vehicle was steered by a tiller on the left side and was widely advertised as able to run 110 miles between charges. In November 1915, the company discontinued production and sold its factory to Benjamin Briscoe.

The car shown is the only electric vehicle to complete the New London to New Brighton Auto Run in Minnesota, created to mimic the annual London to Brighton Commemorative Run held in England. While the British original covers 57 miles, the Minnesota version is double that in length at nearly 125 miles. Also, the New London to New Brighton Run is not a race but a tour.

This automobile is the Model 'Electrique' Electric Motor. It has a 96-inch wheelbase. The original price was $1,885.00, which would be about $34,410 in today's dollars.

Source - LeMay Museum
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