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1914 Buick Series B news, pictures, specifications, and information

Buick produced 21,217 vehicles in 1914. There was a single series, the Series B, but it came in a variety of flavors. The Model B-24 and B-25 were offered in roadster or touring configurations. Power was through a 165 cubic-inch four-cylinder engine that had a bore and stoke of 3.75-inches. Power, SAE rated, was around 22. The B24 and B25 retained the traditional Buick appearance with the angular front end design on the hood and radiator. Color options were limited; the B-24 could be purchased in either Gray or Maroon, with Blue-Black wheels and fenders. The B-25 was similar, being offered in all Blue-Black or in Gray with Blue-Black wheels. Both the B-24 and B-25 rested on a 105-inch wheelbase. The two-door roadster B-24 cost around $950 while the B-25 sold for $1,050.

The B-35 and B-37 were available in Roadster or Touring configurations. Power was from a 221 cubic-inch four-cylinder engine that produced 35 horsepower. The B-35 and B-37 sat atop a 112-inch wheelbase. These versions had running-boards. Color options were in either all Blue-Black or in Gray with Blue-Black wheels.

The B-38 shared the same engine as the B-35 and B-37. These were fully enclosed coupe vehicles, making them the first in Buick's history to be outfitted in this configuration.

The top of the line Buick in 1914 was the Model B-55. Power was from a six-cylinder 331 cubic-inch engine that provided 48 SAE horsepower. This was Buicks first vehicle to be powered by a six-cylinder engine. It was available in touring configuration that shared similarities to the B-24 and B-25. The color options for this series were Blue with Black wheels and fenders. An all-black color configuration was also available.

By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2007

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