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2008 Renault Kangoo Compact Concept news, pictures, specifications, and information
Renault takes the wraps off Kangoo Compact Concept at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. Kangoo Compact Concept sets the tone for the new, wider Kangoo line-up. It targets young, active town- and city-dwellers who are into sport and are lòòking for a compact car that matches their life-style. Its expressive, robust lines are emphasized by its special two-tone colour scheme that blends Fireball Orange and Brushed Aluminium. The cabin, which floods wîth light, is made to be shared wîth friends. Roomy and fun, Kangoo Compact Concept focuses firmly on the pursuit of leisure and this sporting life. Built around a roller-skating theme, the car was developed in partnership wîth Rollerblade, and inspired by the shared values of mobility, togetherness, and lust for life.

Kangoo Compact Concept, out in the open air Kangoo Compact Concept is a compact, robust leisure utility vehicle that boasts an original design and unprecedented proportions. Its affable style is straight out of the fresh, modular world of Kangoo. What really sets it apart is its two-tone, three-door body, and extraordinary glazed surface area, while its unique Fireball Orange and Brushed Aluminium colour scheme highlight its generous curves.
Less than four metres long, Kangoo Compact Concept is in its element in towns and cities. Yet it is always ready to head for the open air and whisk its driver and three passengers away to the great outdoors. Its rugged all-terrain look is emphasised by a ride height that has been raised 200mm, and chunky 19-inch aluminium wheels wîth five blue-tinged translucent spokes. Its young, energetic personality asserts itself through its high-performance LED headlamp and indicator units, which hint at the world of roller-skating.

With its conveniently removable rear-section roof, the Kangoo Compact Concept can carry bulky equipment or simply give its occupants the chance to enjoy an open-air drive. Once the hinged roof-flap has been removed and the electrically-controlled rear screen has slid out of sight, the wide blue yonder beckons.

Because responsibility and respect for the environment matter to its users, Kangoo Compact Concept is powered by a 1.5 dCi 105 engine compliant wîth Euro IV standards and equipped wîth a particulate filter. With 240Nm of torque generated from 2,200rpm, the 105hp 78 kW powertrain is an excellent solution for short urban trips and longer journeys on the open road.

A four-seater sitting-room on wheels

Kangoo Compact Concept's cabin provides passengers wîth an astonishing living space, a legacy from its elder sister Kangoo. The playful, sporty, refined interior, wîth its astute blend of Skate Blue leather and techno-look Aluminium Grey 3D mesh fabric, topped off wîth a few splashes of Tonic Orange, really makes its occupants feel at home.

The dashboard combines softly rounded volumes and curved lines wîth transparent, slip-proof silicone material silicon, borrowed from the roller-skating world. The navigation screen, compass, and other controls that might be useful to people out for a drive are all located in the central console, very much in the Touch Design spirit that is so dear to Renault. Additional sporty touches include the §teering wheel's slip-proof cladding, blue and fluorescent orange liquid fuel and water gauges, and the speedometer, which incorporates a manual speed limiter as well as a blue zone representing the speed range of a person on roller skates, i.e. 0 to 80kph.

Kangoo Compact Concept boasts numerous functions for motorists who like family outings or getting together wîth friends. The tailgate has a lower panel that opens out to 45° and 90° - very convenient for putting on your roller skates (which the car is pre-equipped with) or for two people to sit down on. Seat positions are adjustable using an ergonomically designed electric finger-roll control shaped like a roller skate wheel. The seats slide forward so that the rear bench seat can swivel through 180°C to make full use of all the space in the car and – a very practical feature – so that passenger can get into the vehicle through the tailgate.

Spare roller skate wheels and other accessories can be stowed in the purpose-built bins in the side panels, which frees up space in the cabin. In keeping wîth the skating spirit, Kangoo Compact Concept exudes youth and dynamism, emphasised by two translucent blue side waves made from plexiglass and a stylish, metal mesh floor shaped like a half pipe.

A new approach to light

Kangoo Compact Concept's generous interior space is highlighted by the brightly lit ambience in which it bathes. Its panoramic windscreen is supplemented by a glass roof and a retractable rear roof flap and rear screen. The wide sweep of its windows lets the light shine in, creating a bright, warm feel, while also affording occupants a panoramic view of the road.
The rear roof flap and rear screen can be folded away in just a few seconds to make room for bulky objects or simply to enjoy a ride in the open air. The removable roof feature is unique. It is ideal for people wîth fast lifestyles who like having fun wîth friends and are always keen to try out new experiences.

Source - Renault
In the midst of its largest-ever product offensive, Renault will take this year's Frankfurt Motor Show by storm by taking the covers off of an unprecedented six new production cars and two concepts, as well as a whole host of new technical and engineering innovations.

Briefly, the new production cars making their world debuts are: New Laguna Hatch and Sport Tourer, New Kangoo and Clio Sport Tourer, plus a Pick-up addition to the Logan family and the new South America-destined Sandero compact hatchback. Completing the French product blitz in Germany are the two new concepts: the sleek and stunning new Laguna Coupé Concept and the fun and roomy Kangoo Compact Concept. Also on the stand will be the latest engineering feats from Renault in the form of a three-litre V6 dCi Concept show engine and the new Active Drive four-wheel-steer chassis which will debut on New Laguna.

Laguna Coupé Concept: elegance, driving pleasure and peace of mind
Designed to be Renault's vision of a top-of-the-range grand tourer coupé, the Laguna Coupé Concept is intended for the discerning motorist who appreciates performance, driving pleasure and refinement, while marrying high-tech innovation wîth the essence of cool. Únderpinned by the four-wheel-steer Active Drive chassis, its boasts a brand new V6 dCi engine developed as part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Kangoo Compact Concept: light, airy and designed for leisure
Joining the Laguna Coupé Concept is the Kangoo Compact Concept which sets the tone for the new, wider Kangoo line-up. It targets young, active town- and city-dwellers who are into sport and lòòking for a compact car that matches their lifestyle. Its expressive, robust lines are emphasised by its special two-tone colour scheme that blends Fireball Orange and Brushed Aluminium. The cabin, which floods wîth light, is made to be shared wîth friends. Roomy and fun, Kangoo Compact Concept focuses firmly on the pursuit of leisure and the outdoor life. Built around a roller-skating theme, the car was developed in partnership wîth Rollerblade, and inspired by the shared values of mobility, togetherness and lust for life.

New Laguna Hatch and Sport Tourer
Making their motor show debuts alongside their Coupé Concept relative, will be both the Hatch and Sport Tourer versions of New Laguna. Already well received by the media particularly for its well-crafted interior and high levels of quality, the flagship model for Renault Commitment 2009 aims to be in the top three in its §egmènt for product and service quality.

Vital Stats
Engine : 3.0 L., 6-cylinder
Power: 265 hp
Torque: 406 ft-lbs

6-speed Automatic
With its elegant and flowing lines, New Laguna is the epitome of comfort and refinement, as well as offering impressively high active and passive safety levels, a comprehensive equipment list and a wide range of petrol and diesel engines offering power between 110hp and 170hp at launch.

Clio Sport Tourer: attractive, practical and roomy
Also making its first appearance at a major motor show, is the new Clio Sport Tourer. Entering a niche market soon to be joined by the likes of the MINI Clubman and the Skoda Fabia Estate, the first-ever estate version of Clio draws on the strengths of the rest of the Clio III family in terms of road-holding, roominess, ride comfort and safety.

Clio Sport Tourer is one of the most compact cars of its kind on the market, striking an intelligent balance between elegant, sleek design, wîth its steeply raked rear screen, and roomy practicality wîth a generously-sized (439 litres) luggage bay.

A car designed to conquer new markets in keeping wîth Renault Commitment 2009, Clio Sport Tourer will enable Renault to broaden its appeal in the supermini §egmènt alongside Clio Campus, Modus and the rest of the Clio III range. Clio Sport Tourer will be manufactured in Turkey and launches in 2008.

New Kangoo: more practical, more comfortable
Launched in 1997, Kangoo's affable, expressive style revolutionised the leisure utility vehicle sector. Roomy and versatile, it has been a phenomenal success, selling over 2,200,000 units in just ten years.

New Kangoo draws on the fundamentals of its predecessor: quality, comfort, and practicality. At 4,213mm in length, New Kangoo's resolutely contemporary and cheery lines exert a strong appeal. Its short, chunky front end frees up space for the bright, airy passenger cabin, which is further enhanced by its steeply-raked MPV-style windscreen and doors which open into a comprehensively reworked interior.

For improved comfort, a number of features have been upgraded. New Kangoo is 180mm longer than its predecessor and that extra length has been lavished on the cabin, where more volume gives the five occupants more room and comfort. Resolutely contemporary and featuring a more ergonomic design, the dashboard resembles that of an MPV, while the cabin has been refitted and finished wîth quality materials. New Kangoo boasts standards of thermal and acoustic comfort worthy of an MPV. Some versions feature automatic climate control. Air is evenly distributed between front and rear thanks to the design of the circuit, which has outlets at each passenger's feet. To ensure acoustic comfort, engineers have used the same techniques as for the rest of the Renault range.

New Kangoo takes an ingenious approach to modularity
With its practical design dedicated to the pursuit of leisure, Kangoo brings to the §egmènt a novel touch of ergonomic design, roominess, and user-friendliness. Its 60:40 split-fold rear bench drops down easily in one fell swoop to form a flat load space. On some versions, the front passenger seat folds in the same manner. Load capacity can thus be boosted from 660 litres to 2,866 litres. What's more, in this configuration the vehicle can carry objects that are 2.5m in length. New Kangoo's interior boasts up to 77 litres of stowage space, which includes 24 litres in handy aircraft-style overhead stowage compartments for rear passengers. The vehicle also debuts innovative longitudinal roof bars that convert into a luggage rack. No tools are needed and the rack can take loads of up to 80kg.

New Kangoo comes complete wîth a diverse and comprehensive range of reliable powertrains to meet the needs of all motorists: two petrol engines and one diesel, wîth three different outputs. This offering is firmly built on values like robustness, reliability, economy, and respect for the environment. The New Kangoo 1.5 dCi 105 will offer consumers a diesel engine wîth particulate filter from launch. Both other 1.5 dCi powertrains (70hp and 85hp) fulfil Renault's eco2 commitment, wîth CO2 emissions lower than 140 grams per kilometre.

Developed from the Scénic platform that is acknowledged for its dynamic quality, comfort, and safety, New Kangoo offers features hitherto unprecedented in the leisure utility vehicle §egmènt. Its 2,697mm wheelbase lends it sound, balanced, secure handling. Its active and passive safety equipment is identical to that of a family saloon. All versions are equipped wîth the latest-generation ABS and Emergency Brake Assist, while some feature ESP wîth understeer control, ASR traction control, and engine torque overrun regulation functions.

For the safety of its occupants, New Kangoo benefits from state-of-the-art driver assistance systems, most of which originate in the §egmènts above. They include cruise control and speed limiter, automatic headlamp actuation, and wipers wîth automatic rain sensors, none of which was available on the previous model. New Kangoo also has between two and six airbags, seat belts wîth pretensioners and load limiters, and anti-submarining humps in the front and back seat squabs, as well as three seats wîth Isofix anchorage points (depending on the version).

New Renault Sandero – affordable, practical and robust
With the arrival of Sandero, Renault is – for the first time – launching a new model outside its European home base. Developed from the same B0 platform as Logan and built in the Curitiba plant in Brazil, Sandero will be marketed in Brazil from December 2007, and subsequently launched in Argentina.

Thanks to the involvement of Renault's Brazil-based Regional Engineering Centre, Sandero was designed wîth the expectations of South American customers in mind. This attractive five-door hatchback boasts all the basic qualities of vehicles derived from the B0 platform: it is roomy, robust and has plenty of luggage space. Sandero will be marketed in Brazil wîth a three-year warranty, unprecedented in its class. In Europe, a model derived from Sandero will further enrich the Dacia range in 2008.

Dacia Logan Pick-up - A practical, robust vehicle, for business and pleasure
Dacia Logan Pick-up is the latest addition to the Logan family, which already boasts a saloon, an estate, and a light commercial van. Manufactured at the Pitesti plant in Romania, Logan Pick-up is the ideal working vehicle for craftsmen and tradespeople, while also meeting the needs of the ordinary motorist. Naturally, Logan Pick-up bears all the hallmarks of a true Logan. With its Renault-originated petrol and diesel powertrain packages and the same chassis as Logan MCV, Logan Pick-up is a vehicle that is both contemporary and robust. Logan Pick-up also stands out for its sheer practicality – another fundamental Logan family trait. It boasts a load bed wîth a payload of 800kg, a load length of 1.80m, and 300 litres of cabin stowage space behind the seats. It will be marketed from 2008, starting in Romania.

V6 dCi Concept: exceptional performance and supreme driving pleasure
Únveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, V6 dCi Concept offers a foretaste of the new generation of 3.0-litre V6 diesel engines designed for the brand's high end vehicles.

Developed within the Renault-Nissan Alliance, V6 dCi Concept demonstrates Renault's determination to extend its line-up of engines wîth a product which is both high-performance and refined. Dedicated to driving pleasure, it develops an outstanding power output of 265hp, a wide range of engine speeds peaking at 5,200rpm and maximum torque of 550Nm at 1,750rpm. The engine has also been developed to set a new standard in terms of acoustic comfort. By fitting V6 dCi Concept wîth a particulate filter and a nitrogen oxide processing system (NOx trap), Renault combines high performance wîth respect for the environment. In fact, V6 dCi Concept complies wîth Euro VI and ÚS standards. ( posted on V6 dCi Concept is allied to a Proactive, automatic six-speed gearbox.

Four-wheel Active Drive chassis: driving pleasure and outstanding efficiency
Renault will unveil a sneak preview of its four-wheel-steer Active Drive chassis to visitors at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This brand new technology, jointly developed by Renault and Renault Sport Technologies on New Laguna, affords greater manoeuvrability and handling precision for the ultimate in driving pleasure.

Source - Renault
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