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Pierce-Arrow motorcars were introduced in 1901 and by the time this car was built the company had achieved what would be a lasting reputation as a manufacturer of top-of-the-line motor cars. President Woodrow Wilson maintained a Pierce-Arrow as his official White House car.

This runabout body style was built on a long 142-inch wheelbase chassis. It is powered by a Dual Valve Six motor that had been introduced in October 1918. Interestingly, the Pierce-Arrow was a favorite not only of America's moneyed class but of 'rum runners' because of the car's solid mechanical reputation.

Pierce-Arrows were expensive. This car sold for approximately $5,400 new in 1919. Not surprisingly, production of these cars was low; a total of 2,136 cars were sold by Pierce-Arrow in 1919.
Vestibule Limousine
1n 1909, President William Howard Taft ordered a Pierce-Arrow to be used for State occasions. This was a very considerable honor for a motor car that had been in production for only eight years. Later the Government decided to order yet another very special car and had it prepared to meet President Woodrow Wilson when he returned from the historic Versailles Peace Conference in 1919. The President enjoyed the vehicle so much that when he left office he acquired it for his own use. It was first restored in 1973 and a definitive restoration was undertaken in 1990. The highly personal 'mascot' of Princeton University was replaced by the original Presidential crest at that time.
Chassis Num: 513156
High bid of $85,000 at 2014 Mecum. (did not sell)
High bid of $100,000 at 2015 Mecum. (did not sell)
This Pierce-Arrow Model 51 Four Passenger Sport Touring has bodywork designed by John LiBaire of New York. Mr. LiBaire, who opened the New York Stock Exchange, designed this one-off body for his own Pierce-Arrow Model 66 after it suffered a cowl and engine fire. Mr. LiBaire later sold the body to another Pierce-Arrow owner, who refitted it to this Model 51 (chassis number 513156).

The Pierce-Arrow Model 51 was powered by the new Dual Valve engine that was introduced in 1918. It was a 6-cylinder unit displacing 524 cubic-inches and used dual intake and exhaust valves and twin spark plugs in each cylinder fired by dual Delco ignition. The engine was mated to a 4-speed transmission.

This Pierce-Arrow Model 51 is one of just 12 examples that remain in modern times. It has a brown leather interior and a new Black Haartz top.
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2014
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