1928 American LaFrance Model 92 news, pictures, specifications, and information
Fire Truck
-On October 10, 1928, at a special meeting of the Capital Fire Company of Irwin, PA., a motion was made to purchase this 1000 gallon pumper from American LaFrance and the Foamite Fire Engine Company.

-In 1944, 'Old Blue' answered a call at the Norwin High School building in North Huntingdon Township. The engine was placed along Tinker Run to draft from the creek. 'Old Blue' ran continuously for two days shutting down briefly only to check the oil and refuel.

'Old Blue' was brought back to American LaFrance in 2005 and the initial restoration was started by an enthusiastic group of American LaFrance employees. With the assistance of Andy Swift of Firefly Restorations and and Ken Soderbeck of Hand in Hand Fire Co., 'Old Blue's' restoration was completely in October 2007, just in time for the 175th Anniversary Celebration of American LaFrance.

The truck now permanently resides at the American LaFrance Headquarters Museum in Summerville, S.C.
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