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2009 Opel Vivaro news, pictures, specifications, and information

Opel Vivaro: For All Transport Needs

• Characteristic design wîth practical functionality

• Wide range of variants from spacious panel van to practical dropside

• State-of-the-art engine range wîth performance and power reserves

With the Vivaro, Opel offers a wide choice of vans, Combis, buses and leisure vans. The Vivaro's characteristic cab lines combine stylish looks wîth practical functionality and economic efficiency in the 2.8-ton class. The Vivaro carries a maximum payload of up to 1160 kg, has a load area volume of up to 8.4 cubic meters in the panel van variant, and can comfortably transport up to nine people. It is available wîth two different wheelbases, two roof heights, in six basic variants (panel van, Combi, Tour, dropside, platform chassis and Life), as well as wîth five powerful and economical engines wîth outputs between 90 and 146 hp.

New in model year 2008.5

The current Vivaro range is at an extremely high level – both qualitatively and quantitatively – which is reflected in its excellent sales figures. Experts have anticipated customer needs, and the Combi variant wîth long wheelbase is now available wîth complete passenger compartment trim – an enhancement that airport and hotel shuttle services, not to mention taxi operators, will particularly appreciate. The panel van and Combi variants are also now available wîth the new 'Punch' upholstery.

Design and packaging

The Opel Vivaro's most distinctive feature is its domed driver's cab 'Jumbo roof', which creates a sense of generous space and makes getting into and out of the vehicle easier. The second generation Vivaro's other visual elements include almond-shaped headlamps wîth integrated turn indicators, as well as radiator grille wîth dominant chrome beam and Opel logo. Accented side swage lines and pronounced wheelarches underline the Vivaro's dynamic appearance. The load area has a box body for optimal loading. Wide protective moldings on the bottom of the doors prevent minor scratches that result in expensive repairs. The robust back bumper also serves as a step into the cargo area.

Model range

The Vivaro model range is based on the panel van – wîth double rear wing doors that open up to a 180 degree angle and a sliding door on the right-hand side. A second sliding door on the left and a tailgate are optional. The panel van is available wîth a short or long wheelbase, a normal or high roof, and a 2.7 or 2.9-ton gross vehicle weight. Every Vivaro variant offers ample space. Even the van wîth the short wheelbase has a total load area capacity of nearly five cubic meters. The ideal partner for commercial customers who need a lot of transport space is the Vivaro panel van wîth high roof: a 1.91-meter standing height and 8.4 cubic meters of load volume speak for themselves. The Vivaro panel van wîth standard or long wheelbase can also be ordered wîth a double cab. In this configuration, it has five full-size seats and up to 3.7 cubic meters of transport volume behind a closed dividing wall wîth window.

The Vivaro dropside wîth standard load deck (load-area height: 910 mm) can be easily loaded on three sides thanks to the foldaway sideboards and offers additional storage in the underfloor storage compartments. In addition, the platform chassis offers the basis for various conversion solutions, such as a refrigeration unit.

Another Vivaro variant is the Combi, which comes standard wîth three rows of seats (optionally one or two) for nine passengers, a sliding door on the passenger side (also optional on the driver's side) and a large double wing rear door.

The Vivaro Tour pampers up to eight passengers wîth high-quality seat covers, carpeting, ceiling-high sidewall coverings, heated power exterior mirrors, power windows, stereo
CD-Radio CD 30 MP3, radio remote control central locking, air conditioning and efficient heating for rear passenger compartment. Úp to eight airbags, three-point safety belts and height-adjustable head restraints on all seats ensure high passenger protection.

The Vivaro Life, developed in cooperation wîth Westfalia, is a multi-functional leisure vehicle. In the seven-seater, the second row has individual seats that swivel, a third row which can slide backwards and forwards as well as easily fold down to form a flat surface, foldable table and numerous storage compartments. Thanks to extensive equipment, a timeless, practical interior and comfortably tuned chassis suspension, the Vivaro Life serves equally well as a representative company van and as a spacious leisure vehicle.

Passive safety

The Vivaro's stable body structure complements an extensive passenger protection package. All models come standard wîth an airbag and safety belt tensioner for the driver, as well as three-point safety belts and head restraints for all seats. Optionally, the Vivaro can be equipped wîth a front passenger airbag, which can be deactivated, as well as side airbags in front and head curtain airbags for rear passengers. The Vivaro panel van's fixed partition wall complies wîth the latest regulations on securing cargo in commercial vehicles. Thanks to stable anchorage points and lashing eyes for securing straps, cargo can be fastened even more securely.

Chassis and active safety

Vital Stats
Engine : 2.0 L., 4-cylinder
Power: 117 hp
Torque: 140 ft-lbs

Engine : 2.0 L., 4-cylinder
Power: 90 hp
Torque: 240 ft-lbs

Engine : 2.0 L., 4-cylinder
Power: 114 hp
Torque: 214 ft-lbs

Engine : 2.5 L., 4-cylinder
Power: 146 hp
Torque: 236 ft-lbs

6-speed Manual, 6-speed Automatic
A high level of active safety and suspension comfort is provided by the front-wheel drive Vivaro's chassis wîth McPherson independent front-wheel suspension and rear torsion crank axle. The brake assembly has top marks in this vehicle category, wîth disk brakes all around (internally ventilated in front), brake assist and a four-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) wîth Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). A high degree of safety is ensured in critical situations by the Electronic Stability Program ESPPlus, which is optional wîth all engine variants (standard in Life).

Engines and transmissions

There are five four-cylinder engines available for all of the Vivaro variants: four common-rail turbo-diesels wîth 2.0 and 2.5-liter displacements, as well as one 2.0-liter
16V gasoline unit wîth 86 kW/117 hp. The entry-level 2.0 CDTI unit produces 66 kW/90 hp and delivers 240 Nm torque. Maximum speed is now 145 km/h. Providing more power for the same fuel consumption, the 2.0-liter CDTI engine produces 84 kW/114 hp and 290 Nm. The top speed for this Vivaro is 160 km/h. The top-of-the-line Vivaro engine is the 2.5-liter CDTI wîth 107 kW/146 hp or 84 kW/114 hp. Both come wîth maintenance-free diesel particulate filter as standard. The 146 hp unit wîth 320 Nm is the right choice for long-distance express use. Its top speed is 170 km/h. All engines now come wîth a six-speed manual transmission as standard, while the 2.0 CDTI wîth 114 hp and the 2.5 CDTI wîth 146 hp are optionally available wîth the automated Easytronic six-speed manual gearbox, which can save up to six percent fuel. (concept carz) The diesel variants wîth the 90-liter fuel tank offer an operating range of up to 1200 km without refueling.

Economic efficiency and service

The Vivaro boasts low maintenance costs. For example, when it comes to insurance ratings, the 2.0 CDTI (66 kW/90 hp) is one of the leaders in its §egmènt in Germany. Vivaro owners also benefit from long service intervals (up to 30,000 km/one year). Air and diesel filters must only be changed at 90,000 kilometers and the brake fluid after 120,000 kilometers. Opel offers its customers a two-year new-vehicle manufacturer's warranty that goes far beyond the mandatory guarantee and clearly reflects the Vivaro's value-retaining concept. Opel also offers its customers the Europe-wide 'Opel Road Plus' service package: should they require technical assistance, Opel commercial vehicle dealers offer help without requiring an appointment. Minor work is carried out on-the-spot. In the first three years after registration, a replacement vehicle is provided free of charge if repairs take more than a few hours. In addition, the two-year 'Opel Mobile Service' is available 24 hours a day in over 30 European countries.

Source - Opel

Opel/Vauxhall CV Model Portfolio Set for Further Success in 2008

• Sales success: Vivaro year-on-year order intake up 9.3 percent

• Portfolio: With 62 different base model versions widest-ever Opel/Vauxhall CV range

• Easytronic: Economical transmission available right across CV range

With 62 different base model versions Opel/Vauxhall's Commercial Vehicle (CV) portfolio now features the widest-ever range. With high levels of growth, and sales more than doubling since 2001, 2008 is set to be one of the most successful years yet. CVs such as the Vivaro, Movano and Combo as well as Corsavan and Astravan (on sale in selected markets) and a wide range of approved conversions further strengthen Opel/Vauxhall's profile in the CV market.

Jamal El-Hout, GM Europe Vice President, Product Planning & CV Operations, says 'We are suffering from the best possible problem: we are selling vans faster than we can produce them. Thanks in no small part to our best-selling Vivaro and Combo variants, our current CV market share in Central and Western Europe is 5.2 percent. And while we are pleased wîth this figure, we want to do even better! By further leveraging synergies within GM, increasing production to meet demand at our plant in Luton, and continuing to work closely wîth our partner Renault in the future, we will further optimize our position within the European CV §egmènt.'

The most successful Opel/Vauxhall CV is the versatile Vivaro. Of the more than 130,000 Opel/Vauxhall CVs sold throughout Central and Western Europe from January to September 2007, over 40 percent were Vivaro models (52,581). Year-on-year order intake for the Vivaro is up 9.3 percent, wîth record orders of 20,500 cars on hand. Vivaro registrations were up by 3.5 percent in the first three-quarters of 2007 to almost 53,000, and sales in September 2007 were 29 percent higher than in the same month last year. The wide choice of vans, Combis and leisure vans, combined wîth stylish looks, practical functionality and economic efficiency made the Vivaro – and its sister model the Renault Trafic – the second-best selling platform in the 2.8-ton class in Europe in 2006.

Widely available automated Easytronic transmission reduces fuel consumptionThe optional Easytronic transmission is a highlight of Opel/Vauxhall's CV portfolio. This automated manual gearbox combines the operating comfort of a fully automatic transmission wîth the fuel efficiency of a conventional manual gearbox. The advantage is that the engine consumes up to six percent less fuel than a comparable variant wîth conventional manual transmission. (posted on The clutch function is taken over by electronically controlled actuators, and the driver has the choice between manual or automatic shifting. Easytronic variants boast practically the same driving performance figures as the corresponding models wîth manual transmission. (posted on The Vivaro 2.0 CDTI (84 kW/114 hp) panel van (short wheelbase, normal roof) wîth Easytronic transmission consumes 8.0 liters per 100 km, for example – 0.4 liters less than wîth a manual gearbox. The Movano 2.5 CDTI (88 kW/120 hp) panel van (short wheelbase, normal roof) wîth Easytronic requires just 8.5 liters per 100 km – an improvement of 0.3 liters over the manual transmission. (posted on The Opel/Vauxhall Combo and Corsavan also come wîth optional Easytronic transmission. (posted on With the economical 75 hp 1.3 CDTI unit and Easytronic transmission, fuel consumption wîth the Combo is reduced from 5.3 liters per 100 km to 5.1 liters compared to the manual transmission, while the Corsavan wîth this powertrain requires just 4.4 liters of diesel per 100 km.

Astravan and Corsavan receive top awards

Available in selected markets, the Opel/Vauxhall Astravan and Corsavan are highly successful passenger car derivatives and important models in the Opel/Vauxhall CV family. Although only on sale since March 2007, the new Corsavan has already been named ‘Car-Derived Van of the Year 2007' at the prestigious Professional Van and Light Truck awards. Tim Campbell, PV< Magazine's Managing Director said: ‘This van is without a doubt the best in its sector. It looks good, it drives brilliantly and yet it is still a properly functional commercial vehicle, and not just a converted hatchback.' The Astravan received similar praise from automotive experts and was presented wîth the Editors Choice award at the What Van? Van of the Year awards 2006. The Corsavan is available wîth either a 75 or 90 hp, 1.3-liter CDTI or 80 hp, 1.2-liter TWINPORT engine. The economical 75 hp diesel unit requires just 4.5 liters of fuel per 100 km. The Astravan can be ordered wîth one 1.4-liter TWINPORT (90 hp) or four diesel units, wîth displacements of 1.3 to 1.9 liters and outputs of 90 to 150 hp. Besides the Únited Kingdom, these highly versatile delivery vans are also available in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

Únited Kingdom is Opel/Vauxhall's largest CV market

The largest Opel/Vauxhall CV market is the Únited Kingdom, where total Vauxhall CV sales between January and September 2007 stood almost 40,000 vehicles. This accounts for 30.6 percent of all Opel/Vauxhall CV sales in Western and Central Europe. The Únited Kingdom is also home to Vivaro – and its Renault sister model – production, wîth the 500,000th vehicle leaving the production lines at the Luton plant in June 2007. The increasing sales of this van platform have made the GME plant in Luton the largest CV manufacturer in the Únited Kingdom, and an increase in production there to meet demand is under consideration.

Wide and varied commercial vehicle portfolio

The Opel/Vauxhall CV range's greatest strength is its diversity and flexibility. The Vivaro, for instance, is available wîth two different wheelbases, two roof heights and in six basic variants (panel van, Combi, Tour, dropside, platform chassis and the double cab). Since July 2007, the optional Easytronic transmission has also been available for the most popular 2.0 CDTI (84 kW/114 hp) Vivaro variant. The Combi variant wîth long wheelbase can now be ordered wîth complete passenger compartment trim – an enhancement that airport and hotel shuttle services, not to mention taxi operators, will appreciate. With more than 40 variants - from panel vans and the Combi to buses and chassis cabs – the Movano is practically predestined for additional conversions, storage compartments or special equipment, and offers the perfect base for retrofitting, be it as a fire-fighting vehicle wîth portable fire pump – the smallest standard fire-fighting vehicle in Germany – or ambulance. The Combo has established itself as a popular craftsmen vehicle, thanks to its spaciousness and outstanding value for money. Based on the third generation Corsa, it has a load volume of up to 3050 liters thanks to an asymmetrically split and foldable rear bench seat. The Combo is also available wîth a highly economical, natural gas-powered engine. The 1.6-liter unit produces 80 percent less nitrogen oxide than a diesel, and around 20 percent less CO2 than a gasoline model (15 percent less CO2 than diesel). In 2006, the Combo was the top-selling natural gas vehicle in Germany.

The Astravan and Corsavan retain the dynamic abilities and comfort of a car, yet offer even greater practical uses. Both feature a flat load floor and powerful yet economical gasoline and diesel engines.

Source - Opel

Opel Vivaro: 'Easytronic' Now Also Available for 2.0 CDTI

• Automated 6-speed transmission combines advantages of automatic and manual shifting

• Reduced consumption, lowered emissions and greater driving comfort

The automated 'Easytronic' six-speed manual transmission is now also available for the Opel Vivaro wîth the modern 2.0 CDTI common-rail turbo-diesel (84 kW/114 hp) engine. The most popular Vivaro engine, which was introduced last fall, has 290 Nm of torque and consumes just 7.5 liters per 100 km wîth the Easytronic transmission, 0.4 liters less than wîth a manual transmission. (posted on

Formerly called 'Tecshift', the transmission was previously available for the 2.5 CDTI wîth 107 kW/146 hp. By offering Easytronic in the two-liter class, Opel responds to a frequent customer request. Easytronic is available in a wide range of Opel commercial vehicles including the Movano, Combo and new Corsavan.

Easytronic combines the operating comfort of a fully automatic transmission wîth the fuel efficiency of a conventional manual gearbox. The advantage is that it consumes up to six percent less fuel than a comparable variant wîth conventional manual transmission. (posted on The clutch function is taken over by electronically controlled actuators, and the driver has the choice between manual or automatic shifting. In addition, the driver can select the load program which eases drive off wîth a full load, or the winter program that reduces wheel spin and serves as low-speed traction control on slippery surfaces.

The Opel Vivaro Easytronic variants boast practically the same driving performance figures as the corresponding models wîth manual transmission. (posted on Payload capacities are unaffected. The Easytronic option costs an extra 1005 euros plus VAT.

By expanding the range wîth Easytronic, Opel intends to consolidate the strong interest in the Vivaro for the future. Vivaro production facilities located in the Únited Kingdom and Spain are currently running on the verge of full capacity. The British GM plant in Luton celebrated the production of its 500,000th vehicle in June. The plant produces the Opel Vivaro, as well as its sister model from Renault/Nissan.

Source - Opel

World Premiere for New Edition Vivaro

• Vivaro: New, more powerful engines, Euro 4 and two dropside versions

• Movano: New, more powerful engines and all versions now available wîth ESPPlus

• GM subsidiary Allison puts groundbreaking hybrid technology in European buses

Opel presents the new editions of the Vivaro and Movano to the public for the first time at the Commercial Vehicle IAA in Hanover (Hall 12, Stand C 12, September 21 – 28) and displays its updated van program including the new AstraVan. The Vivaro enters the market wîth a fresh look, new, more powerful engines (all comply wîth Euro 4 emissions standard), improved technology, two new dropside variants, as well as an extended equipment range. The Movano also features new, more powerful engines and is now also available wîth ESPPlus. The new editions have been available to order since summer; the Vivaro is at dealerships from October and the Movano will follow in November. With these new models, Opel strengthens its commitment to the growing commercial vehicle market in the up to 3.5-ton gross weight §egmènt. Together wîth its British sister brand Vauxhall, Opel more than doubled commercial vehicle sales in Western and Central Europe from 2001 to 2005, from around 80,000 to over 180,000 units. This impressive success makes the company the fastest-growing commercial vehicle manufacturer in Europe.

A further highlight in Hanover: GM subsidiary Allison Transmission (Stand G 52) presents the two-mode hybrid propulsion system that has been in use in North American transit buses since 2004 and will now be delivered to bus manufacturers in Europe.

Source - Opel

Vivaro and Movano: Enhanced to Meet New Challenges

• Fresh Vivaro face highlights new technology and equipment

• All engines meet Euro 4 standard, 2.5 CDTI wîth diesel particulate filter as standard

• New Vivaro dropside variants – also in low-floor design

• New comfort and styling options for passenger bus 'Tour'

• Movano wîth new engines, enhanced interior and ESPPlus

Opel is strengthening its position in the growing 2.8 to 3.5-ton gross weight §egmènt of the light commercial vehicle market wîth new versions of the Vivaro and Movano. In 1999, Opel made a strong entry into this §egmènt wîth the Movano, followed by the Vivaro in 2001. Since then, Opel commercial vehicle registrations have doubled from almost 80,000 in 2001 to around 160,000. Both new models make their debut in September at the Commercial Vehicle IAA in Hanover, wîth orders for the Vivaro being accepted from the beginning of July, and from mid-August for the Movano.


Fresh face, dropside versions, new engines and equipmentIn addition to new technology and equipment, the Vivaro also boasts a new, fresh face. Carefully refined details increase the successful model's functionality and resale value. The second Vivaro generation, wîth its distinctive 'Jumbo roof' driver's cab is immediately recognizable wîth its new headlamp graphics, chrome strip on the redesigned radiator grille and new tail lamps. These new features highlight the Opel Vivaro's appeal to customers who focus not only on practicality, but also on style. With the addition of two dropside versions, there are now two wheelbases, two roof heights, and five body variants available. The equipment range includes a host of new features such as Park Pilot, and light and rain sensors (options).

Other new additions are two common-rail turbo-diesel engines wîth 2.0-liter displacement. All Vivaro power units meet the Euro 4 emissions standard, and the most powerful, the modified 2.5 CDTI, is fitted wîth a maintenance-free Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) as standard. A six-speed gearbox in the front-wheel drive Vivaro transmits the increased torque of the diesel engines and the power of the 2.0 16V gasoline model.

A high level of active safety and suspension comfort is provided by the Vivaro's proven front-wheel drive chassis wîth McPherson independent front suspension and lightweight torsion beam rear axle. The brake system is top in this category, wîth disk brakes all around (internally ventilated in front) and a four-channel anti-lock braking system wîth electronic brake force distribution. In the new Vivaro brake assist completes the standard safety package. The high degree of safety can be enhanced by the optional Electronic Stability Program ESPPlus.

Dynamic front highlights typical Opel characteristics

The Vivaro's unique, distinctive design has made a mark in the 2.8-ton van class. Customers appreciate the characteristic domed 'Jumbo roof', which creates a sense of spaciousness, and makes getting in and out of the vehicle easier – especially important for a vehicle used for stop-and-go delivery. Opel has moved forward wîth the Vivaro's original technical concept, and further developed it wîth specific visual elements: the newly-designed almond-shaped headlamps wîth integrated turn indicators, and dominant chrome beam wîth Opel logo on the distinctively shaped radiator grille clearly identify the Vivaro as a member of the Opel family. The lines rising to the side windows over the robust bumper and the flared wheelarches underline the Vivaro's dynamic looks, which are rounded off by newly-designed tail lamps in clear glass.

Best-selling engines wîth more displacement, power and performance

The new Vivaro is also enhanced wîth numerous technical modifications and additions. The completely revised engine range consists of three common-rail turbo-diesels and one 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which all meet the Euro 4 emissions standard. The best-selling engines wîth 1.9-liter displacement (60 kW/82 hp and 74 kW/100 hp) are replaced by two new 2.0 CDTI (66 kW/90 hp and 84 kW/114 hp) units. They offer higher performance wîth practically the same fuel consumption and – more importantly for fleet management operation – up to 26 percent more pulling power than their predecessors (torque increases from 190 to 240 Nm and from 240 to 290 Nm respectively). With 10 hp and 10 Nm more, the 2.5 CDTI (107 kW/145 hp, 320 Nm) is the right choice for those who make regular journeys wîth a maximum payload. The top-of-the-line engine will come wîth a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter as standard, when sales start in October 2006.

It is also available wîth an automated Tecshift six-speed manual transmission, which can save up to six percent fuel and makes daily driving in city traffic much easier. Specially developed for the increased power, the six-speed manual gearbox is also standard and for the gasoline engine (88 kW/120 hp), which is the ideal alternative for operation wîth low annual mileage.

Variety of variants for transport and leisure time

The new edition of the Vivaro is available in an even greater number of variants. The previous range – the 'Combi' wîth two or three rows of seats, the 'Tour' passenger bus wîth seven or eight seats, the 'Life' family and leisure van wîth high-comfort equipment, and the panel van wîth two wheelbases, roof heights, and a 2.7 or 2.9-ton gross vehicle weight – is expanded by two dropside variants. The low-floor design version is especially suited for transporting heavy and bulky goods as it has a load-area height of only 640 millimeters, a unique feature in this §egmènt. The completely flat platform can transport up to four euro pallets, while the normal load floor version provides additional underfloor storage compartments for tools and small items. Thanks to vertical frame fixtures on the three folding walls, the payload of up to 1050 kilograms (normal version: 900 kg) can be easily protected from the weather by a tarpaulin.

Comfortable interior atmosphere for professionals

Opel has made its bestseller even more attractive wîth an enhanced interior, new standard safety elements such as brake assist, as well as additional comfort and styling options. Fresh upholstery, fabrics and – depending on the model – matt chrome door handles, gear knob and chrome-ringed speedometer make for a pleasant and at the same time business-like atmosphere. The cockpit has a clearly arranged instrument panel, which can be equipped wîth a double or single DIN format infotainment system. Such extras as the cruise control and passenger airbag which can be deactivated are especially useful depending on how the vehicle is used. Other useful components for retrofit customers include the additional battery and the CAN connection module, which provides access to the CAN bus data.

Customers who are especially keen on appearances can further enhance their Vivaro wîth new 16-inch alloy rims and a wide choice of color-keyed exterior extras. The Life, which serves equally well as a company van or a versatile family and leisure vehicle, and the Tour people carrier both feature improved standard heating in the passenger compartment. The Life boasts new interior trim wîth improved surface feel as well comfort-optimized chassis and suspension tuning.

Vivaro success story: Pacesetter in high-growth §egmènt

The particular strengths of the unique, eye-catching Vivaro – economy and power, operating comfort and reliability, functionality and versatility – have led to continually increasing market enthusiasm. In its first full year of sales in 2002, 5600 units of the 2.8-ton van were sold in Germany, and just over 30,000 in Europe. Through 2005, these figures increased to 10,500 (Germany) and 63,000 (Europe), also thanks to the expanded product range wîth the Life, Tour and panel van wîth high roof variants. This represents a jump of 87.5 percent in Germany and 110 percent in Europe. With these increases, the Vivaro – recently named 'Van of the Year 2006' in the Únited Kingdom – set a much faster pace than the 2.8-ton §egmènt itself, which grew 12 percent in Germany and just under 30 percent in Europe from 2002 to 2005. Alain Visser, Opel's Executive Director Sales, Marketing and Service, expects further sales growth in 2006: 'Following extensive market analyses, we were confident that the first-generation Vivaro, wîth its novel, daring vehicle concept, would meet wîth customer acceptance. Now we know that it is a real winner. With its comprehensive update, the Vivaro goes from strength to strength, as seen in the first four months of 2006, when it's sales again increased by over 15 percent throughout Europe.'


More power wîth enhanced engines and transmissions

The Opel Movano cuts a fine figure in the 2.8 to 3.5-ton gross vehicle weight van class, wîth attractive design, a high level of seating comfort and outstanding ergonomics, along wîth its qualities as a robust and economical load or people carrier.

The 2007 Movano presents itself wîth a new, clearly structured engine range based on the 2.5 CDTI. Just like the Vivaro, the Movano benefits from the enhanced engines – which all comply wîth the Euro 4 emissions standard – and transmissions: the three 2.5-liter common-rail turbo-diesels are now more powerful, beginning wîth the 74 kW/100 hp entry-level unit (previously 73 kW/99 hp), to the 88 kW/120 hp engine (previously 84 kW/115 hp) wîth 300 Nm, up to the top-of-the-line 107 kW/145 hp wîth 320 Nm, which replaces the 3.0 CDTI wîth 100 kW/136 hp. The enhanced six-speed manual transmission handles this power just as smoothly as the optional automatic Tecshift, which is initially offered for the 100-hp entry-level version and the 120 hp engine. The maintenance-free diesel particulate filter is optional wîth the 120 hp 2.5 CDTI and comes standard wîth the 145 hp model. ESPPlus is a new safety option for the panel van and Combi.

Movano owners will appreciate the additional storage possibilities in the interior: wîth the exception of the 16-seat bus, all variants feature two roof compartments as wide as the windshield and a storage box in the center console.

Source - Opel
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