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1959 Byers Volvo Special CR90 news, pictures, specifications, and information
This Sports Racing Car was found several years ago by its current owner. At the time, it was unclear who had created the body. Some believed it was from Devin while others suggested it was a Byers body. It has a custom tubular frame, running gear from a Volvo 444, and an engine and transmission also from Volvo.

The owner believes that the body is a Byers mold but was probably made by Victress, who had purchased the molds from Jim Byers but kept the Byers name. The dimensions are similar to that of the CR90.

By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2009
Jim Byers was known throughout the automotive industry as a skilled craftsman for creating fiberglass roadster bodies that were attractive, sturdy, and lightweight. His first design was the SR-100 roadster body that rested on a wheelbase that measured 99 to 101 inches. It could be modified for other wheelbases as needed. It had ample room for hiding a V8 engine and radiator under the hood. The windscreen was built to accept a Corvette windshield.

The cost of these elegant and functional bodies ranged from around $350 to just under $600 and had a weight of under 100 pounds.

The CR90 was the second body offered by Byers. It was smaller, ranging from 88 to 92 inches, and weighed a mere 75 pounds. Pricing started at around $330 and peaked at $460.

Victress Manufacturing purchased Byer's molds in 1960 and continued to offer these to interested buyers. The molds were later sold to LaDawri and later to Kellison.

By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2009
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