1964 Ford Custom Series

The 1964 Ford's were restyled though the engine changes remained mostly unchanged. The Ford Custom Series was available with a variety of engines including both V-6 and V-8 units. The cars fitted with the V-8 engines had the 'V-8' symbol shown on the side of the car.

The Ford Custom Series had large, round taillights and the Ford name in block letters. It had chrome windshield and rear window moldings, dual sun visors, and armrests on all doors. The Custom Series was Ford's entry level vehicle with prices starting at $2,350 for the two-door, six-cylinder sedan and exceeding $2,500 for the 4-door V-8 Sedan. That figure would continue to climb depending on the engine and the number of accessories.

In total, there were 57,964 examples of the 1964 Ford Custom 4-door sedan produced. The two-door sedan saw slightly lower sales, at 41,359 units produced.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2009

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