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1953 Cadillac Series 62 news, pictures, specifications, and information
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Chassis Num: 536268308
Sold for $110,000 at 2005 RM Auctions.
After observing its golden anniversary in 1952, Cadillac issued a flashy limited-edition convertible, the 1953 Series 62 Eldorado. It boasted features like custom interior, special cut-down 'Panoramic' wraparound windshield, a sporty 'notched' beltline, and a metal lid instead of canvas boot to cover the lowered top.

The Eldorado was a preview of Cadillac's to come, but only 532 of the 1953s were built, largely because the price was a towering $7,750. Production of the car was so labor intensive, that even at this hefty price, it was believed to be unprofitable. It was virtually hand built in Warren Michigan.

The car came loaded with standard equipment to include a 331 cubic inch engine with 210 horsepower, power steering, windows, seats and top, as well as a power radio antenna. It also had a signal seeking pre-selection radio with a floor mounted tuning button. Optional items included power brakes, tinted glass and autronic eye.
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Harley Earl, General Motors Styling Chief, had this special custom 1956 Cadillac Supercharged Eldorado built, for his friend John Alexander, by test engineer Frank Burrell. John Alexander, a Wisconsin industrialist, was also a World War I Navy pilot.

All 1953 V8 Cadillacs were powered by a 331 cubic-inch, overhead valve engine, however, this one was fitted with a Roots-Type supercharger and twin four-barrel carburetors, developing 300 horsepower. To draw attention, special un-muffled side exhaust pipes were designed that could be opened via a cut-out lever, or closed for quiet operation. The engine is coupled to GM's Hydra-Matic automatic transmission and stopping was improved with the addition of new 12-inch cast-iron ribbed brake drums. It also features Borrani wire wheels riding on a 126-inch wheelbase.

This car represents a true one-of-a-kind Cadillac, the rarest Eldorado.
Mr. Harley Earl was the Chief Stylist for General Motors, during which time this car was designed. Cadillac's tailfins debuted six years earlier and became a hallmark of design that lasted for twenty-years. The trend setting Cadillac was the first to market a new lightweight, high compression, overhead valve V8 engine. Cadillac was the fastest production car at the time.

This car has a 210 horsepower V8 OHV engine, dual exhaust, Hydra-Matic Transmission, Hydraulic powered windows and top and has a top speed of 80 MPH. Other options include chrome wire wheels, Heating System and a Signal Seeking Radio.
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Chassis Num: 536276687
Sold for $132,000 at 2007 RM Auctions.
A principal feature at the New York Motor Show, the 'Golden One' was Cadillac's most expensive model at $7,750. This model bristled with options, including factory air-conditioning, an 'Auronic Eye' for controlling the headlamps, chrome wire wheels, and signal-seeking radio. Only 532 examples of this model were produced in 1953.

This 1953 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible was offered for sale at the 2007 RM Auctions in Amelia Island, Florida. The car was offered without reserve and estimated to sell between $100,000 - $140,000. It is powered by a 331 cubic-inch overhead valve V8 engine that produces 210 horsepower. The car is equipped with a Hydra-Matic automatic gearbox and four-wheel power assisted drum brakes.

The post war era of the automobile was exciting. Many of the designs were carried over from before the war. A few marque's experimented with new styling; some were met with success while others ended up out of business.

GM enticed buyers with bold new designs which were lead by their exciting Motorama cars. These cars were futuristic and gave hints at the direction of the automobile. The Eldorado of 1953 was based on a show car from the prior year. It featured a convertible top, wraparound windshield, mostly-covered rear wheels, and custom interior.

The car cost $7,750 which was nearly double the price of a coupe. With only 532 examples created, it was a very exclusive automobile and rare by modern standards.

Under the hood of the Eldorado was a Cadillac overhead valve engine. The engine had been introduced in 1949 and was attractive for many reasons - it was powerful and lightweight. As the years progressed, the horsepower increased. By 1953 it had risen to 210.

This example has been treated to a full restoration. The exterior was finished in cream and all the chrome was triple plated. The interior is finished in red and white.

At auction, the quality of the restoration was reward and the limited production numbers was understood, as the car sold for $132,000.
By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2010
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Nicknamed 'The Guilded One', the new Eldorado was GM's most costly offering in 1953, at $7,750. This flamboyant Cadillac featured cut-down wraparound windshield, notched beltline and chromed wire wheels. Inspired by a 1952 Motorama Show Car, only 532 were made.
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Chassis Num: 536244493
Sold for $184,250 at 2014 RM Auctions.
Motorama-Inspired Style Leader
In January 1953, America first saw the new Eldorado as it carried Dwight D. Eisenhower down Pennsylvania Avenue enroute to his inauguration as the 34th President of the United States. Imagine that, yet another head of state riding in a Cadillac! The 1953 Eldorado was produced as a halo car for Cadillac and was based on the 1952 Motorama show car. At a base price of $7,750, it cost nearly twice that of a standard Series 62 convertible. Only 532 of this exclusive model were built.

Motorama pedigree styling needed to be impressive, and the 'Eldo' featured special cut down doors, wire wheels, wraparound windshield and a metal cover for the folded top. This gave the Eldorado a low sleek look that still holds up well today. Inside, luxury was expected and the leather interior, power seat and signal seeking radio were worthy additions to this ultra prestige car. Power came from a high compression 331 cubic-inch, 210 horsepower V8.

The 1953 Cadillac Eldorado convertible is a certified milestone car.
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Chassis Num: 536 282229
Sold for $121,000 at 2007 Christies.
Sold for $165,000 at 2008 RM Auctions.
This 1953 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible was offered for sale at the 2007 Christies auction of 'Exceptional Motor Cars at the Monterey Jet Center.' It is white with a white interior and top. Under the bonnet is a V8 engine with pushrod overhead valves and 210 available horsepower. There is a four-speed automatic gearbox and servo-assisted hydraulic drums on all four corners.

The Eldorado first appeared in 1953 at the General Motors Motorama show where it was filled with advancements that would trickle their way into other GM cars for years to come. These were the widest, longest and sat lower than any other Cadillac had ever done. To propel the car, Cadillac outfitted these vehicles with the largest production car engine in the world. 532 examples were sold and each carried an extremely high price tag of $7,750.

This car has been in the same possession for the past twenty years. It has seen very little use and was used as a static display in a European museum exhibit. It was offered at auction without reserve and estimated to sell for $100,000 - $140,000. That estimated proved to be very accurate, as a high bid of $121,000 fell right in between the high and low, and the car was sold.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2007
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Chassis Num: 536 628 4624
Sold for $104,500 at 2007 Christies.
This 1953 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible was brought to the 2007 Christies auction at the Jet Center in Monterey, CA. It is red with a red interior and black convertible top. This car has been in the same ownership for twenty years, residing in Europe, and being part of a static display. It is mechanically in order, though not in use for many of years so it is sure to have accumulated some problems over the years. It does have a handful of visual faults including scratches and paint flaws. It was offered at auction without reserve, and estimated to sell for $80,000 - $120,000. This was the second Eldorado Convertible to cross the auction block, and like the first one, found new ownership. It was sold for $104,500.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2007
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Cadillac released the Eldorado late in 1953 as a limited-edition 'super-convertible' in the popular Series 62 line of V8s. It sported just about every conceivable option that Cadillac offered, and this was reflected in the hefty $7,750 price tag.

The Eldorado sported a wraparound windshield, chrome wire wheels and a convertible top that disappeared into a metal covered boot. The cut-down doors, lowered beltline and shortened windshield created a unique, rakish look that made this Eldorado 'Dream Car' one of the sportiest Cadillacs since the 1940s.

The car is powered by a 331 cubic-inch overhead-valve, V8 engine producing 210 horsepower, coupled to a hydra-matic automatic transmission. It has a top speed in excess of 100 miles per hour.
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
This car carries body number 256 of the 532 examples built. It is an original car with 51,000 miles. The current owner is the cars 3rd owner.
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Chassis Num: 536253662
Sold for $137,500 at 2009 RM Auctions.
High bid of $150,000 at 2013 GPK Auction - G. Potter King, Inc. (did not sell)
The exciting news at General Motors for 1953 was the Eldorado, which was based on the Motorama Show car. The car was long and low with a convertible bodystyle featuring a unique, deep-angle wraparound windshield and a daring beltline dip. When the convertible top was down, it was carefully concealed under a metal cover at the top of the rear deck. The car rode on chrome wire wheels and whitewall tires. This very elegant and rare car was priced at $7,750 making it the most expensive car GM had offered in its post-war history to date.

Due to the hand labor and extensive modifications required to make each of the 532 examples, Cadillac is reputed to have lost money on every car it produced.

Power for the Eldorado was supplied by Cadillac's new 210 horsepower overhead valve V8 engine. Every option available was supplied to the Eldorado, making the addition of the 12 volts electrical system a necessity. The list of standard accessories included power steering, a power seat, a heater, power windows, a signal-seeking pre-selector radio, windshield washers, and a power-operated convertible top.

This example was sold new to Vance Torrance, a Hollywood movie producer. It is one of only 29 examples that were equipped from the factory with the 'Continental' spare tire kit. It is painted in Alpine White finish with a white convertible top. The car rides on Kelsey-Hayes 40-spoke chrome-plated wire wheels, and period correct wide whitewall tires. The interior is black and white two-tone leather that shows some signs of wear.

In 2009, this Eldorado Convertible was offered for sale at the Automobiles of Arizona auction presented by RM Auctions. The car was expected to sell for $150,000 - $180,000. As bidding came to a close the lot had been sold for the sum of $137,500 including buyer's premium.
By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2009
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
This car is body number 43. The current owner is the 4th owner of the car. The car has been in Baltimore, Maryland, since it was sold new by Chesapeake Cadillac. The current owners purchased the car in 1985. At the time, it was in need of a restoration and was barely drivable. A frame-off restoration commenced in 1990 and was completed in 2005. Initial restoration was completed by Bowman Restorations in Williamsport, Maryland. Recent work was completed by Legend Restorations, Inc.
Convertible Coupe
The 1950s was a 'golden era' for Cadillac. The company has celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1952. Its postwar designs helped Cadillac dominate the U.S. luxury car market.

The 1953 Cadillac's new features included a redesigned grille with a heavier integral bumper and bumper guards, 'eyebrow' headlamps and one-piece rear windows.

The company was offering V-8 motors in 1914. However, the Cadillac V-8 was quite different from its earlier counterparts. The 1953 overhead valve V-8 displaced 331 cubic-inches and developed 210 horsepower. Factory price was $4,144; 8,367 series 62 convertible coupes were sold in 1953.
Coupe DeVille
For 1953, Cadillac featured a redesigned front grille plus several other styling refinements. The Coupe DeVille body style was one of Cadillac's most popular offerings for 1953.

This 1953 Cadillac was delivered new to Youngstown, Ohio, where it was used as a factory official car. It was eventually sold, then, went into storage for many years. The current owner performed a three-year, award-winning restoration.

The Cadillac is powered by a 331 cubic-inch, overhead valve V-8 motor that develops 210 horsepower.
Convertible Coupe
Cadillac's Series 62 motor was a 331 cubic-inch V8 quoted at 210 horsepower 4,150 RPM which with a dry weight of around 4,300 pounds offered luxury and sporting performance. The stock transmission was the GM Hydra-Matic but in 1953 the transmission factory caught fire and supply 'dried up.' Cadillac installed Buick Dynaflow - known as Twin Turbine - transmission starting in the middle of the year. These early 1950s cars were produced in the midst of the 'fin' era....and Cadillac knew how to make fins work.

This example has less than 25,000 miles on the odometer.
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Cadillac's first special -bodied (by Fleetwood), low-production Eldorado convertible, was a production version of the 1952 El Dorado 'Golden Anniversary' dream car, complete with bumper bullets inspired by GM's 1951 Le Sabre show car. It was one of three such special models produced by General Motors that year -- the other two were the Oldsmobile Fiesta and the Buick Skylark -- all of which are coveted collectibles today. The name 'Eldorado' (Spanish for 'the golden one.' and a fabled fictitious South city of fabulous riches) emerged from an in-house competition won by then GM secretary Mary-Ann Marini (nee Zukosky).

Available in four unique colors -- Aztec Red, Alpine White. Azure Blue and Artisan Ochre -- with a choice of black or white convertible top, it feat list of upscale accessories, including windshield washers, a signal seeking radio, power windows, a heater and wire wheels, and shared a cut -down beltline, a hard tonneau cover and the industry's first wraparound windshield with GM's other two 1953 specialty convertibles. Based on the Series 62 convertible (and technically a subseries of the Series 62 sharing its 331 CID 18 engine), it priced nearly twice as high at $7,750. Not surprisingly it accounted for just 0.5 percent of Cadillac's sales (532 units) in 1953.

This example is finished in Aztec Red.
Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe
Chassis Num: 536285567
Engine Num: 536275823
Sold for $129,800 at 2014 Bonhams.
Harley Earl and his styling team, including Bill Mitchell, were tasked with creating something special and unique for General Motors Golden Anniversary. Beginning with a Series 62 Convertible as a basis for the project, the team changed nearly every panel. Except for the four fenders, trunk lid, and floor pan, every bit of the exterior metal work was uniquely crafted. The design featured numerous touches which signaled what was to come - the most obvious of which was the wrap around windscreen. The vehicle that emerged was christened the Eldorado, Spanish for the 'gilded one', and made its debut on September 20th, 1952.

Mounted in the front was GM's top-of-the-line 331 cubic-inch V8. The Eldorado was heavily optioned straight from the factory. The design was long and sleek, and featured a high beltline and strategic use of chrome trim giving the car a Jet Age look. The power top collapsed fully into the bodywork and was hidden under a metal 'parade boot' cover. The interior was fully lined in rich leather and there was ample seating for six people.

Cadillac's 1953 Eldorado carried a base price of $5,181.12 - with the addition of tax, delivery, and a few options and that figured topped $6,000. In total, just 532 examples of the Eldorado were created in 1953.

This example is finished in Azure Blue over Blue and white leather with a black top, one of only 26 cars finished in this pattern. Nearly every Eldorado was delivered new to the United States, with 74 of those headed out to California, the second most popular destination behind New York. Cadillac offered a number of options, including the $34.95 E-Z-Eye Tinted Glass option featured on this car. The Continental Kit was not one of the options, but it did appear as a dealer option and is shown on this example.

This car is an original and unrestored example with fewer than 23,250 miles on the odometer. The car is nearly identical to when it was delivered in 1953, except for the top cloth which has been exchanged for white cloth in place of the original black. It spent many years in the collection of David McLaughlin. The current owner has owned the car twice, with a brief gap from 2001 to 2007. In the last dozen years, it has covered a mere 1,200 miles.
By Daniel Vaughan | Nov 2014
The Harley Earl designed Cadillac Series 62 De Ville was a very large vehicle that featured a large, 6,390 cc (390 cubic inch) V-8 engine. The back had large fins that did little for performance and handling but was all about the style of the vehicle. The design of the vehicle was inspired by the space program and the era of jet engines. The large, 4400 lb car was fitted with drum brakes. These often wore out quickly. If a U-turn needed to be made, the driver would need a parking lot. The turning radius was 24 feet.

The car was a luxury vehicle that could carry six individuals comfortably. The car was a convertible with the top being raised and lowered automatically. The interior had electrical gauges. The head lights would turn on at dusk and were also capable of switching from high beam to low beam when they sensed oncoming traffic. In total, there were eight lights on the front of the vehicle. The four on the top were the driving lights while the lights mounted on the bumper were the parking lamps. To add to the driving comfort, air suspension was used. This aided in providing a very soft ride but there was significant body roll when cornering. With the V8, it was capable of creeping to sixty in 11 seconds. This reinforced the notion that this Cadillac was built for comfort and not for speed. The drivers enjoyed the ride and they looked good cruising along, enjoying the large open road.
By Daniel Vaughan | Sep 2011
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