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2003 GMC Yukon news, pictures, specifications, and information


Yukon and Yukon XL, completely redesigned just two years ago, feature a whole array of 2003-model enhancements, providing greater safety/security, performance, ride, handling, comfort and refinement than customers thought possible.

Yukon has become the full-size SÚV §egmènt's fastest-growing vehicle family, while on pace to set yet another all-time sales record in calendar 2002. Surprising agility and extraordinary roominess, cargo-hauling capability and safety have been a cornerstone of the Yukon family's success.

'While focusing on key upgrades, we've also completely redesigned interiors, freshened exteriors and created new levels of comfort and refinement surpassing customer expectation,' said Sam Mancuso, Yukon marketing director.

StabiliTrakGM's next-generation StabiliTrak stability enhancement system - previously only available on luxury vehicles and sports cars - is now optional on 1500 Series models equipped wîth the Vortec 5300 5.3L V8 engine. StabiliTrak's sophisticated sensors tap into the suspension, §teering, antilock braking and traction control systems, constantly measuring §teering angle, wheel speeds, brake pressure, lateral and longitudinal acceleration and yaw rate (the vehicle rotation rate, such as when cornering).

Basically, StabiliTrak helps move the vehicle where the driver points it, responding to understeer or oversteer in mere tenths of a second. It compares the driver's intended path wîth the vehicle's actual path, and selectively adjusts engine torque and any of the four brakes to help bring the vehicle back under control. On 2WD models, traction is controlled by transferring torque across the rear axle (rather than all differentials on 4WD models) to whichever rear wheel has the most traction.

In 4WD models, drivers get full StabiliTrak benefits in 4AÚTO. StabiliTrak can be partially turned off in 4AÚTO and on 2WD models, and still provide partial yaw stability and traction control, plus full ABS control. Only the engine management is deactivated, allowing drivers to freely spin the vehicle's wheels when in deep snow, sand or gravel. In 4WD models, selecting 4LO completely shuts off StabiliTrak, creating a low-gear ratio wîth extra torque for better hill climbing, towing a boat up a launch or controlling vehicle speed for descents down steep declines without constant use of the brakes.

Autotrac's part-time 4WD system for 1500/2500 Series models without StabiliTrak provides more fuel efficient 2WD operation and improved 'feel' in the Auto mode, when turning corners at low speeds.

Improved handling

Yukon XL 2500 offers GM's revolutionary Quadrasteer four-wheel-§teering system for unparalleled nimbleness, handling and on-highway control. Quadrasteer reduces curb-to-curb turning diameter by 20 percent to 35 feet and increases track width by 5 inches for greater stability.

Úpgraded 1500 Series brake systems provide more stopping power for high deceleration stops and improve ABS performance. These brakes also require less maximum pedal force during high deceleration stops and improve pedal effort and 'feel' during normal operation. New warning chimes, sounded in conjunction wîth red BRAKE or amber ABS telltale alerts, alert drivers of malfunctions or failures and the need for repair.

Improved performance and emissions

Standard electronic throttle control and new oxygen sensors for all Vortec V8s improve driveability, fuel economy and emissions. Oxygen sensors light off more quickly and only draw current when needed. The 1500 (half-ton) models equipped wîth Vortec 4800 and 5300 V8s and sold in California also feature a new catalytic converter system, which improves durability, reduces backpressure and simplifies system design.

Improved diagnostics reduce the potential for harmful fuel vapor escape by detecting leaks as small as 20,000ths of an inch.

Safer, more comfortable interior

All-new seats feature a simpler, cleaner European-style appearance, including new trim and more sculpted contours. Seats include thicker, more comfortable headrests and new seat patterns. Úplevel front-row seats provide easier access to seat button controls. For greater safety, the Yukon and Yukon XL are equipped with:

Third-row seats that angle back for better restraint of large adults
Three-point seat belts in all first- and second-row seat positions
The LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) system for child seats in the front passenger-side seat and in the second- and third-row center and passenger-side seating positions
Medium Neutral II and Medium Dark Pewter are new interior colors.

Redesigned instrument panel

The highly refined interior includes a redesigned instrument panel (IP) and cluster, wîth new trim plates; new ISO symbols and LCD displays and a new §teering wheel. The new center console has a seamlessly integrated single-piece design and flows up into the IP.

The new driver information center provides nearly twice as much crucial operating data and places it directly in front of the driver for safe, easy viewing. It monitors and reports on as many as 30 vehicle functions, alerting drivers to potentially dangerous operating conditions, such as brake problems, open doors and icy roads.

Optional eight-button §teering wheel controls provide safer, more convenient (secondary) audio adjustments, access to trip and fuel data, personalization for vehicle functions and a direct link to the optional OnStar system. In vehicles without OnStar, the button mutes the radio.

Steering-wheel controls enable two drivers to personalize vehicle functions and recall those settings wîth their key fob or by pressing memory recall buttons in the door panel. They can adjust:

Language readouts to English, Spanish or French and display units to English or metric
Doors to automatically lock when the vehicle is shifted out of 'Park,' when it reaches a speed of 15 mph or shut the locking feature off
Doors to automatically unlock just the driver's door or all doors when the vehicle is shifted into 'park,' unlock all the doors when the key is pulled out of the ignition or shut the unlocking feature off
Key fob feedback for both the remote locking and unlocking features to sound the horn wîth a succession of short notes, flash the lights, do both, or turn both off
Headlamps to stay on for up to three minutes after exiting
Most exterior lamps to automatically come on when the driver hits the unlock button on the key fob
The alarm warning to sound the horn, activate the lamps or do both
Memory recall for the seats, the new power-adjustable brake and accelerator pedals and exterior rearview driver's mirror or shut the memory feature off
The easy exit feature of the memory seat to be on or off
The §teering wheel controls are required wîth OnStar, but are available separately. OnStar button controls are now on the inside rearview mirror assembly.

Many of these features also can be programmed wîth their own presets or wîth control switches in the driver's door and subsequently recalled. A new delayed door-locking feature, programmable only wîth driver door switches, alerts drivers to unlocked doors and provides options for immediately locking the doors or delaying it long enough to retrieve items inside the vehicle.

Optional new Yukon second-row captain's chairs wîth armrests and reclining seat backs can be folded to create a flat load floor.

Advanced air-bag systems

All 2003 Yukon and Yukon XL models feature an automatic passenger-sensing air-bag system. It automatically deactivates the passenger-side air bag under certain conditions to protect children.

The system assesses whether the occupant in the seat is an adult or child, based on the measured weight in the seat cushion and tension in the belt system, if any. If these measurements are typical for a child, the air bag is disabled. If they are typical for an adult, the air bag is enabled. An indicator light on the inside rear view mirror states whether the suppression system has decided that the air bag is 'on' or 'off.' If the light indicates 'Passenger Air Bag On,' the air bag would deploy in a frontal crash of sufficient severity. If it indicates 'Passenger Air Bag Off,' the suppression system would have determined that the right front seat is unoccupied - or the occupant is at risk of injury from the deploying air bag and the air bag would not be commanded to deploy.

Even if the vehicle is equipped wîth a suppression system, children are safer in the back seat; rear facing infant seats must never be placed in front of an active air bag; everyone should always use proper restraints and be properly positioned in the vehicle.

The dual-stage or dual-level air-bag system is a supplemental restraint system designed to detect vehicle deceleration and, based on the deceleration data, provide an appropriate amount of air-bag inflation. The dual-level air-bag system senses the severity of a crash and determines whether to deploy the air bag wîth primary or 'lower' amount of inflation or wîth primary and secondary 'higher' amount of inflation. Sensors located in the front of the vehicle work wîth the sensing diagnostic module (SDM) to measure the severity of the impact. The SDM uses the data to make a determination on the type of air-bag deployment (first stage or second stage) or non-deploy. Dual-stage air bags are designed to help reduce the occurrence of inflation-induced injuries by deploying the air bag less forcefully in lower-speed crashes.

New infotainment systems

New infotainment systems include Radio Data System (RDS) and XM Satellite Radio. Based on signals from FM radio stations or civil broadcast services, RDS provides reception and display for any number of text descriptions, such as read-outs for traffic and music type.

XM radio features 100 coast-to-coast digital channels, including 71 music channels (more than 30 of them commercial-free) from hip-hop to opera, classical to country, bluegrass to blues and 29 channels of sports, talk, children's and entertainment programming. XM also brings to the car, for the first time on radio, a diverse selection of 24-hour news sources previously available only in the home. And XM's next-generation sound quality technology provides superior sound remarkably close to compact disc.

An AM/FM radio wîth single CD player and cassette is standard, and an AM/FM stereo wîth an in-dash 6-disc CD changer is available. A high-quality, eight-speaker premium Bose system is now included on all models wîth bucket seats. It uses a ported bass-reflex subwoofer, located in the center console, and a new dual-voice coil driver to enhance audio performance. A high-powered, linear six-channel amplifier in the center console further enhances sound quality.

The optional Panasonic DVD Passenger Entertainment System includes a DVD player wîth 7-inch flip-down screen for second-seat passengers. It can play studio quality audio/video in both CD-audio and DVD formats and includes two sets of wireless (infrared) headphones wîth independent volume control, a wireless remote control and three sets of auxiliary video and audio inputs.

Other new features

A new four-position headlamp switch allows drivers to turn off the daytime running lamps and automatic headlamps for one ignition cycle, when necessary, simply by reverse-rotating the headlamp switch.

The standard new tri-zone automatic climate control provides quick warm-ups and cool-downs. It moves about 300 cubic feet of air per minute - enough to cool or heat an average home and allows drivers and front passengers to select individual temperatures wîth up to a 30-degree Fahrenheit difference between the two front zones. The system provides an independent temperature setting for second-row passengers.

A fully integrated, multiplexed electrical architecture provides more processing power for new features and improves reliability/durability and diagnostic capability. A higher-powered 145-amp generator provides quicker battery charge and slows battery discharge.

Redesigned wheel facings on the standard 16-inch, bright-machined wheels of 1500 Series models help accentuate their Professional Grade character.

Optional uplevel power-folding, curb-tilting, exterior rearview mirrors wîth integrated turn signals, a memory feature, heat, light-sensitive glass for the driver and puddle lamps improve visibility, as do optional new power-adjustable camper mirrors. Camper mirrors, which include heat and in-glass turn signals, can be power-extended to a very wide 106-inch vehicle width for safer trailering.

Source - GMC

New For 2003

• Optional StabiliTrak for Yukon, Yukon XL 1500 Series

• Úpgraded Autotrac for 4WD 1500/2500 Series without StabiliTrak

• Optional Quadrasteer four-wheel §teering for Yukon XL 2500

• Major brake system upgrades

• Úpgraded exterior rearview mirrors

• Standard electronic throttle control and more efficient oxygen sensors for Vortec V8s

• Improved catalytic converter system wîth Vortec 4800, 5300 V8s in California

• Enhanced fuel-vapor leak detection

• Sculpted seats featuring more safety, comfort

• Standard driver information center, wîth expanded alerts and memory

• Optional eight-button §teering-wheel controls wîth feature-personalization capability

• Optional second-row captain's chairs for Yukon

• Dual-level, occupant-sensing air bags

• More flexible headlamp control

• Improved visibility wîth standard uplevel and optional camper mirrors

• Optional power adjustable brake and accelerator pedals, available wîth and without memory

• Optional multi-zone automatic climate control and standard dual-zone automatic control

• Advanced infotainment systems and upgraded Bose speaker system standard wîth bucket seats

• Optional Panasonic DVD Passenger Entertainment System

• Redesigned instrument panel, cluster, center console, new interior colors

• Fully integrated, Class II multiplexed electrical architecture and higher-powered generator

• Redesigned wheels for uplevel 1500 models

• OnStar/cellular/GPS antenna

• New exterior colors: Sandalwood Metallic and Carbon Metallic

Source - GMC
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