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2000 Infiniti XVL Concept news, pictures, specifications, and information

Infiniti XVL Concept Sedan - Sheer Fun for Drivers Passionate About Performance

Just over ten years ago, the original Infiniti Q45 reset the luxury car dial permanently on the side of performance.
With its advanced, 289-horsepower 32-valve DOHC 4.5-liter V8 engine, it brought to life what was at the time an overused, under-delivered term: 'driver's car.' The original Q45 became -- and remains -- the purest definition of Infiniti.

With the introduction of XVL Concept Sedan, Infiniti has created a distinctive embodiment not only of the Q45, but also of where Infiniti is going as it heads into its second full decade of business in North America.
The XVL, Infiniti's first-ever concept car, carries the soul of the Q into new territory wîth advanced driving dynamics, a powerful V6 engine, 4-wheel independent multi-link suspension, powerful styling and exquisite comfort.
The XVL makes its Únited States debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It is dimensionally similar to many entry-level European luxury division sedans and is designed to provide premium performance at an attainable price.
'We've found that luxury buyers don't buy by §egmènt, they buy their desire. The first step in the XVL development process therefore involved bringing together the soul of who we are as a company and those customers who share our passion for automobiles,' said Tom Orbe, vice president and general manager, Infiniti Division. 'Luxury today is the ability to have it all. These customers want as many of the flagship attributes as possible at every level and the XVL Sedan has them in abundance.'

Performance in All Dimensions
Though the XVL Concept Sedan is designed to provide a thrilling driving experience, its creators understood that performance today is measured on many more dimensions than just 0 - 60 miles per hour acceleration.
'Like the production vehicles in the Infiniti lineup -- the Q45, I30, G20 and QX4 -- the XVL Concept rewards the driver,' said Orbe. 'Not just in going fast, but also in how every element of the vehicle works wîth the driver: the
touch of the door handle and the feel of the wheel, the ability to relax when you need a moment to yourself. That, in essence, is the XVL.'
The styling of the XVL Concept conveys a powerful impression of the performance potential under the skin, yet the look is also surprisingly elegant rather than 'boy racer.' The shape combines a solid, substantial lower body wîth a tall, roomy cabin. The long 111.2-inch wheelbase wîth short overhangs and large 17-inch wheels and tires creates an aggressive look wîth exceptional space utilization. The front end features an Infiniti-style grille wîth large Xenon headlights. In the rear, the stepped-up deck and smooth rear finisher contribute to both the refined look and a low coefficient of drag of just 0.28.
The XVL Concept Sedan's maximized body proportions also provide strong benefit in terms of optimal utilization of engine compartment, cabin and trunk space. Úsing a new-generation rear-wheel drive platform engineered
specifically for use wîth a compact V6 engine, the XVL Concept's 3.0-liter engine has been placed midship, helping achieve a near-ideal weight distribution of 52/48 percent front/rear.
Powering the XVL is a NEO DI VQ30DD direct-injection gasoline-fueled V6 featuring NExT combustion (Nissan Exquisitely Tuned Combustion) to obtain substantial improvements in both fuel economy and power output. The engine also employs other cutting-edge technologies such as continuous variable valve timing, variable intake and an electronically controlled swirl control valve.
The engine is mated to an Extroid Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), the world's first CVT application designed for use wîth large engine displacement, rear-wheel drive vehicles. It incorporates an entirely new
traction drive construction, in which drive torque transmission and ratio changes are executed by pairs of discs and power rollers that have toroidal rolling surfaces. The result is a smooth delivery of power, responsive acceleration and enhanced fuel economy.
The XVL also uses a new 4-wheel independent multi-link suspension and power-assisted 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).
'The XVL Concept's advanced driving dynamics reward the driver wîth a quiet, comfortable and stable ride and handling -- attributes that we believe are essential to the appeal of all of our vehicles,' said Orbe. 'Yet at the
same time, every Infiniti is designed to invigorate rather than isolate the driver. It's an active luxury, a partnership between car and driver.'
Inside, the XVL provides an equally rewarding experience. Pursuing functionality and simplicity, the designers created an exceptionally comfortable passenger compartment coordinated in a bold theme of bright, contrasting colors. Besides offering the luxury of more room than current production vehicles of similar size, the XVL Concept interior embraces the expression of 'best touring position.' The vehicle height, seat cushion height and floor height have been optimized for ease of entry and exit, superior visibility and ease of operation. In addition, all occupants can select climate and seating positions to match their personal preferences.
The XVL Concept Sedan also incorporates the latest safety performance designs, including high-strength Zone Body construction, which divides the vehicle body into two zones -- a crushable zone for absorbing impact energy in
a crash and a safety zone for ensuring occupant safety.
Other safety equipment found on the XVL Concept includes dual front supplemental air bags, front seat supplemental side-impact air bags, side curtain supplemental air bags and 3-point seat belts wîth pretensioners with
load limiters.
'The XVL Concept Sedan is about a passion for living and for driving, an emotional appeal that comes most powerfully from vehicles that exude performance, style and fun,' said Orbe. 'In that sense, the XVL Concept Sedan
is the perfect Infiniti.'
More details regarding the future of the XVL Concept Sedan are expected to be announced in April at the New York Auto Show.

Source - Infiniti

Infiniti XVL Concept Sedan Introduction

Presented by Tom Orbe, Vice President and General Manager,
InfinitiDivisionJanuary 10, 2000

Good afternoon. Thanks for joining us for the debut of Infiniti's first ever concept car, the XVL.

We have a few special guests joining us today, (introduce guests as needed).

Before bringing out the XVL, a quick update on Infiniti is in order. We've just closed our first full decade in business wîth our best sales year ever — over 72,000 vehicles.

This is an increase of 14 percent from the year previous.

We're heading into the new year and new decade wîth tremendous momentum and a stronger product lineup.

In our first 10 years, we've learned a lot· and grown a lot.

We're still committed to and still delivering on the 's best program of customer care wîth the best dealers in the . We call this the Infiniti Total Ownership Experience.

From a product standpoint we're focusing on luxury vehicles for Infiniti's special 'enthused' buyers.

Infiniti was defined 10 years ago by the original, high performance Q45 and that spirit, that soul of the first Q, is being infused in all new Infiniti products — beginning wîth our recently introduced 2000 Infiniti I30.

The I30 is off to the hottest start in our history, selling almost 10,000 in the first three months and bringing enthusiasts back into our showrooms.

We're proud to say that Ward's Communications has named the I30 engine as one of the '10 Best Engines' for the six years running.

The Automobile Journalists' Association of Canada also named the I30 'Best New Luxury Car' and Kiplinger's named it 'Best in Class $25 — $35,000'

Next up for us is our 2001 QX4, which puts driving performance back into the equation in a very powerful way — 240 horse-powerful ways.

And, the next generation Q45 will not only be infused wîth the soul of the original, it will blow the doors off it. We'll give you a chance to preview the new Q in a couple of months at the New York Auto Show.

We'd like all of our future cars — indeed, Infiniti itself — to replace caffeine as the world's greatest stimulant.

We want to provide thrilling driving solutions through expressive designs, wîth advanced vehicle dynamics, and a superior ownership experience.

As we look to our future, we don't have to look very far. It's here today, right now, in a sedan that promises — and delivers — sheer fun.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take a look at the Infiniti XVL Concept Sedan.


II. XVL Overview

Tom Orbe

First and foremost, the XVL Concept Sedan is designed for drivers passionate about performance wîth its powerful V6 engine, rear-wheel drive, 4-wheel independent suspension, 17-inch wheels and tires and front mid-ship engine placement.

The XVL is designed to provide performance in all dimensions and luxury by every definition.

The XVL Concept is built on a new-generation rear-wheel drive platform. Dimensionally, it offers a wheelbase that's a couple of inches longer than the Infiniti I30, yet overall length is about two inches shorter.

It is slightly narrower yet taller than an 'I', and the front-midship engine placement gives it an ideal weight balance.

As a result, XVL offers large sedan comfort and ride, yet wîth the maneuverability of a smaller vehicle.

The styling is elegant and sophisticated, wîth short overhangs, Infiniti-style grille wîth large Xenon headlights, stepped-up deck and smooth rear finisher.

The coefficient of drag is just 0.28.

The XVL's maximized body proportions give it a roomy interior and cargo area.

Inside, the designers sought a sense of functionality, simplicity and luxury.

The XVL Concept utilizes an advanced V6 engine, automatic transmission and 4-wheel ABS braking system.

And, like our current lineup of Infiniti vehicles, the XVL is designed to invigorate rather than isolate the driver.

It's an active partnership between car and driver.

Obviously, the XVL Concept is a very real, very attainable vehicle — a 'dream car' for people who dream about performance, style and fun without having to wait for their IPO to come in.

I hope you will all join us in New York in April, where we'll provide additional information about the future of the XVL.

III. QX4 Overview

Tom Orbe

There's another vehicle that shares the original Q45's performance soul — the new revised, refined and reinvigorated 2001 Infiniti QX4.

(Lighting highlight on QX4)

Imagine the ideal luxury vehicle — we have it in the new QX4.

It has all of the performance, styling and features of a world-class luxury sedan, topped wîth all of the confidence and versatility of a SÚV.

Like our new I30, this QX4 has all the best thinking.

The new QX4 raises the standard in the luxury sport utility class,,, very quickly,

Here's what I mean: the new QX4 features an all-new 3.5-liter DOHC V6 producing an incredible 240 horsepower and 265 foot-pounds of torque — increases of 41 percent in power and 32 percent in torque.

Another way to look at it is this — the QX4 now offers more power than any other V6-equipped and most V8-equipped SÚVs in class.

The new V6 engine is based on the award-winning I30 VQ powerplant, though it was specifically created for use in SÚV applications.

This new V6 is mated to an enhanced, 4-speed automatic.

For 2001, we've also enhanced the exterior styling, redesigned the interior wîth a new instrument panel and console and a long list of luxury enhancements, and we've made available a 2-wheel drive model for buyers in the sunbelt.

Though pricing hasn't been finalized, we expect to hold our comparably equipped MSRP at about the same level as the 2000 QX4.

More details on the engine, interior and styling are available in your press kit.

What we couldn't put in the kit, however, is the QX4's incredible feel — both luxury and performance.

It's an unbeatable combination of power, comfort, convenience and style — half off-roader, half luxury sedan. (concept carz)

We've come a long, long way in our first 10 years. And, if you're as passionate about driving as I am, the next 10 are going to be really phenomenal.

Thank you. Now I'd like to ask Jason Vines to come up for a few announcements.

IV. Housekeeping

Jason Vines

Thanks, Tom.

Tom will be available to answer any questions about the XVL, QX4 or the Infiniti Division one-on-one right here by the XVL.

We also have some other Infiniti executives available, including (TBD). (TBD) will be standing by the QX4 and (TBD) will be by the new I30.

Press kits are located (TBD) and as always, please call on any of the Infiniti Corporate Communications staff for any assistance.

Also, please stop by here Friday night during the Charity Black Tie event — we'll have special guests Strunz & Farah performing for your listening pleasure.

Thanks, see you for the launch of the new Q45 in New York.

Source - Infiniti
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