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2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron news, pictures, specifications, and information
At the 2001 Frankfurt Motorshow Bugatti launched an almost production ready version of their upcoming supercar, the EB 16/4 Veyron. Both the power train and the body of the new design study are much closer to production maturity. In addition, the first theoretical performance figures have now been determined, according to which this 16-cylinder sports car, due to go on sale in 2003, will have a top speed of 406 kilometres per hour and accelerate to 300 km/h in under 14 seconds.

The 16/4 Veyron rides on tyres featuring the new Pax system developed by Michelin. These high-speed tyres for the 400-km range have a pressure monitoring system and run-flat characteristics, so that safe handling and a remaining distance of more than 200 kilometres are assured in the event of air loss.

Compared to the version exhibited in March at the Geneva Automobile Salon, the wheelbase is now 2,700 millimetres, 50mm longer than before, the extra space is used for increased cabin space.

This 16/4 Veyron also has an upgraded aerodynamics package, both to solve cooling problems and to increase the handling characteristics. The rear of the car has two air outlets not seen on the previous concept. Together wîth the front-end airflow, the fully panelled undertray and a new, automatically extending rear spoiler, a diffusor effect has been obtained that counteracts body lift.

The alloy-block W16 engine is made up of two exceptionally narrow V8 cylinder blocks, using the VR principle combined at an included angle of 90 degrees.
The gear shifts of the seven speed gearbox take place sequentially at paddles behind the §teering wheel, and there is no clutch pedal. The double clutch transmission (DCT) shifts from one gear to the next in a maximum of 0.2 of a second. Power from the engine reaches the wheels through a permanent all-wheel drive system.

Source - Bugatti Media
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