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Chassis Num: 161956
High bid of $140,000 at 2012 RM Auctions. (did not sell)
The Porsche SC was the company's highest evolution of their 356 series, prior to the next major accomplishment, the 911. The Porsche SC models were well balanced, proportioned and well powered.

This SC Cabriolet has remained in California its entire life. It is a very late example built in 1965, the final year for 356 production. It is an engine and transmission numbers matching example and fitted with factory options including the high-horsepower 'SC' engine, a special order black leather interior and chrome wheels. The 1600cc four-cylinder engine delivers nearly 100 horsepower and there is a four-speed manual gearbox.

The car has a recent nut-and-bolt restoration and is finished in champagne yellow paintwork. No expense was spared and all parts were either OEM or NOS.

In 2012, the car was offered for sale at the RM Auction in Amelia Island, Florida. The car was estimated to sell for $150,000 - $190,000. Bidding reached $140,000 but was not enough to satisfy the vehicle's reserve. It would leave the auction unsold.
By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2012
Chassis Num: 221141
Engine Num: 752154
Sold for $35,200 at 2006 Worldwide Auctioneers.
The first Porsche 356 was first shown to the public at the 1949 Geneva Motor Show and its aerodynamic and nimble body was well received. The early versions were hand built at the Gmund in Austria. The A was produced until 1959, the B until 1962, and the C until 1965. The 356 was a very popular road car with a racing heritage. There were specially prepared 356 models that were entered into competitive events including the LeMans 24 Hours Race. When first introduced the 356 was powered by a rear mounted 1100 cc engine. Engine options progressed to include the 1300cc, 1500cc, and 1600cc versions. Twin choke Zenith, Solex and Weber carburetors boosted horsepower further.

The 'S' or 'Sport' specification was the only 356 model to be given four-wheel disc brakes, which complemented the 1587 cc engine rather nicely. Top speed was just over 110 mph and with fuel economy being rated at over 30 mph.

The 1965 Porsche 356 SC Coupe was offered for sale at the 2006 Worldwide Group Auction held on Hilton Head Island where it was expected to sell between $280,000-$32,000. It is finished with cream or off-white paintwork and fitted with a 1967 series 912 engine that produces around 115 horsepower. The front seats have been replaced with Sparco competition high back seats and are fitted with full-harness seat belts. At the conclusion of the auction, the vehicle had been sold for $35,200.
By Daniel Vaughan | Nov 2006
Ferdinand Porsche had envisioned a sports car while he was still working on the vehicle that became the Volkswagen Beetle. World War II set back his plans by a few years but work continued on the project and in 1950, the car was introduced. The Porsche sports car (of which the 356 was the first model) introduced the motoring public to a new standard in sports cars. Driving no longer meant choosing between comfort and performance. Porsche attached a smooth, quiet, well-spring, comfortable package to a powerful engine and agile §teering. The 356 had a wind-cheating body wîth a compact - but not confining - interior layout.

Over time the air-cooled engine was modified to a higher bore and stroke and a greater displacement, but the original Porsche design remained the same. Porsches became well known for their racing prowess, wîth both individual and factory cars participating in races like the LeMans 24-Hour Race and the Targa Florio in Sicily. But by 1965, the 356 had been in production wîth only minor changes for over ten years. Porsche had introduced the Carreras in the late 1950's and by the mid-1960's they decided to end production of the 356. It was replaced by models well known in the ÚS, the 911 and 912.

Donated to the SDAM by Dr. Roger Stoike

Source - SDAM
Chassis Num: 161894
Engine Num: 821767
This 1965 SC Cabriolet is considered to be the best and most refined 356 open car in the entire 356 Class. This model year was the last production year of the 356 and this car was the 217th car produced from the end of the production run. Six years ago, the car was purchased by NFL Superstar Quarterback Drew Bledsoe when he played for the New England Patriots. Bledsoe sent the car to Stoddard Porsche in Willoughby, Ohio. They performed a compete tub up restoration, sparing no expense.

Upon receiving the car after restoration, Bledsoe drove the car 296 miles before storing the car. In November 2004, Klub Sport purchased the car for re-sale.

The car is a fully matched numbered car with an exceptionally nice nut & bolt restoration.
Chassis Num: 221209
The Porsche 356 was the car that put the Porsche marque on the map. It was produced from 1948 to 1965, ending with the introduction of the final iteration, the 356C. Over 76,000 Coupes, speedsters and cabriolets were built, most with bodies by Reutter and a few coupes in the 1960s by Karmann.

This 356SC Coupe was purchased new from Bob Grossman's Foreign Cars of Rockland, West Nyack, New York, on March 24, 1965, and it remained with its original owner until 2013. Finished in an unusual Togo brown with tan interior, the car was ordered with many unique accessories, including a shortwave radio, fog lights, chrome wheels, headrests and wood steering. Today it is exactly as it appeared when it first turned a wheel 50 years ago. Lovingly maintained and serviced for its entire life, the car is very original apart from some minor paintwork and a right-hand side mirror that was fitted one week after it was purchased.
During the war Ferdinand 'Ferry' Porsche and a handful of his proven, faithful employees had started work on development number 356 in their workshops moved to the town of Gmünd in Kärnten. The first design drawings were completed on 17 July 1947 and on 8 June 1948 the Kärnten state government issued a special permit homologating the car. Returning home after being held by the French as a prisoner of war and bailed out of custody by his family, Professor Dr.-Ing.h.c.Ferdinand Porsche, Ferry's father, stated right away that 'every single bolt was just right'. No 1 was then followed by a small series of 52 additional cars built in Gmünd, production in Stuttgart from 1950 - 1965 subsequently amounting to 78,000 units of the 356 model Porsche No 1, a mid-engined roadster, is completed and homologated in the Austrian town of Gmünd. The engine displaces 1131 cc and develops maximum output of 35 bhp(26 kW). The first few 356 coupes are made of light alloy.
The Porsche 1500 S ('Super') was launched in 1952 and was capable of producing 70 bhp.

In 1953, the Porsceh 1300 S producing 60 horsepower was added to the Porsche line-up. This was also the year the Porsche was introduced to the Únited States. The split windshields are also replaced by bent windshields during this year.

1954 marked the production of the first 200 Porsche Speedsters.

In 1955, the Speedster becomes a genuine sales success. Production of the 356 A series starts in autumn wîth the proven 1300 and 1300 S power units soon joined by the 1600(1582 cc, 60 bhp/44 kW), 1600 S (1582 cc, 75 bhp/55 kW) and 1500 GS -the first Carrera marking the introduction of the new sports engine wîth four overhead camshafts - (1498 cc, 100 bhp/74 kW). The 1100-ccengines are dropped from the range.

During the 1956 model year, Porsche produces its 10,000th 356 model.

In 1957, the sporting and Spartan Porsche 1500 GS Carrera is joined by the more comfortable 1500GS de Luxe model.

In 1958, output of the Porsche 356 A 1500 GS Carrera GT is boosted to 110 bhp/81 kW. The Speedster is replaced by the Convertible D wîth a larger windscreen and winding windows at the side. The 1300-cc engines are dropped from the range.

In 1959, the Carrera receives extra power and is now called the 1600 GS-GT, wîth the sports version offering more output (1588 cc, 115 bhp/85 kW) than the de Luxe model (105 bhp/77 kW). The 356 B series is introduced in autumn, the Convertible D being renamed the Roadster.

Source - Porsche
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