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Victoria Convertible Coupe
Retaining the award-winning styling of the previous year's models, 1949 Packards were available in Standard, Super and Custom trim levels. Packards in the Super series were powered by a 327-cubic inch straight-eight engine that produced 150 horsepower, making them ideal long-distance tow vehicles. Of the 59,390 Packards built in 1949, just 671 were Custom Convertibles. This example is equipped wîth an Últramatic automatic transmission and was repainted its correct original shade of Packard Turquoise during a recent restoration.

Source - Petersen Museum
Victoria Convertible Coupe
Packard's body design for 1949 - it's Golden Anniversary year - was labeled by the company as new, but it had actually been introduced a year earlier. It was a big departure from previous Packard designs and an answer to Cadillac's fresh, new P-38-inspired tail fins.

As part of Packard's 50th anniversary celebration the company produced 2,000 Packard's in a unique, custom gold paint. They were driven from the Packard proving grounds to dealerships throughout the United States.

The Packard Super Eight convertible coupe was powered by one of the legendary Packard inline eights that displaced 327 cubic-inches and developed 145 horsepower. It carried a factory base price of $3,350; only 671 were sold.
Victoria Convertible Coupe
Packards 1949 model lineup consisted of the standard, custom and super trim levels. Powering the Supers was a 372 CID engine that offered 150 horsepower. Packard produced 59,390 examples in 1949, and just 671 were custom convertibles. The Super had the same grille style and wheelbase of the more expensive Custom line, and dealers were even able to supply them with cloisonne-decorated hubcaps.

This particular example, on display at the Miami Auto Museum, is a late production 1949 example that has a 1949 serial number but was assigned a 23rd series body number that was used for the 1950 models.
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