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1970 Rover 3500S news, pictures, specifications, and information

In April of 1968, Rover introduced a V8 version of their popular P6 Sedan and dubbed it the Thousand Five Saloon. This name would persist until it became known as the 3500. In most respects, the 3500 was basically just a 2000 P6 but with a larger engine. The P6 was introduced in 1963.

The introduction of the V8-powered Rover 3500 was not the first instance Rover utilized an American powerplant. The Buick designed engine had been in use in the Rover P5B. The cars were popular due to their low weight and high horsepower; this would come to a close in the early 1970s when safety and emission regulations dictated engines comply with standards. This meant the engine was de-tuned. Production of the 3500 & 3500S would continued until March of 1977.

In 1971 the 3500 S was introduced and with it, a manual gearbox. The automatic version continued in the 3500 Series.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2008

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