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 Anglo American Racers

1968Gurney Weslake 58 3.0 V12Gurney Eagle  Daniel Sexton Gurney 
1968McLaren Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8McLaren M7A  Daniel Sexton Gurney 
1967Gurney Climax FPF 2.8 L4, Weslake 58 3.0 V12Gurney Eagle
 Paul Richard 'Richie' Ginther
 Daniel Sexton Gurney
 Bruce Leslie McLaren
 Ludovico Scarfiotti 
1966Gurney Climax FPF 2.8 L4, Weslake 58 3.0 V12Gurney Eagle  Robert Bondurant
 Daniel Sexton Gurney
 Philip Toll Hill, Jr 

Vehicle information, history, and specifications from concept to production.

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