Mitsuoka History

Source: Mitsuoka Motor Co

The company was formed in February of 1968. It became established in October of 1979. The president of the company is Akio Mitsuoka.

Our history as a coach builder goes back to 1982 when the 'BUBU shuttle 50' with 50cc engine was launched. This model was designed especially for disabled persons. This model is a starting point of Mitsuoka as a coach builder.
After that Mitsuoka released replica models. In 1987, 'BUBU classic SSK' was launched.

In 1989 'BUBU 356 Speedster', in 1990 'Le-Seyde', in 1991 'Dore' was released. Among others, 'Le-Seyde' received special attention from people. It was sold out in only 4 days for 500 units of limited production. The 'Viewt' was released in 1993, which was reminiscent of famous Jaguar Mark II. This year it achieved a remarkable sale record of 1000 units. We established dealer network for easy buying at anywhere in Japan.

1994 Mitsuoka 'Zero1' was released . Mitsuoka got type approval for this model and was recognized as the 10th Japanese passenger car manufacturer. It was sensationally announced through mass media. This model is the starting point of spirit of challenge and at the same time it still gives us the huge energy to develop various models. At this stage still we were a chassis manufacturer and just started.

After that, 'Galue', 'Zero 1 Type F' and 'Rei' were launched in 1996, and 'Ryoga' in 1998. We could make up the base of our current lineup with these models. We started to challenge to the 50cc engine car again. Our 'Micro Car' and 'Kit Car' were in the news and we could propose our concept. That is vehicles are not only for driving but also for the pleasure of making. In addition to this, we launched a Battery operated Micro Car for one passenger.

In 2000 we became the exclusive sole distributor of the famous London Taxi 'TX-I' from England and were happy to start to sell such venerable car. This year the 'Le-Seyde' was relaunched in 10 years. In 2001 we joined the 35th Tokyo Motor Show for the first time. We disclosed fully original model 'Orochi' there which came out from our development concept. That is to make a super car which cannot be made by anyone except us who are very much creative and with full dream.

We could show our longing for super car from a childhood in a tangible way. By this, also we could evoke the memories of heartthrob then. Making up a prototype of 'Orochi' and showing it at the Tokyo Motor Show could change our dream into self-confidence. We are on the way to bigger dreams and new challenges.


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