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18 FJ
51 and 51A
Elite Type 14 Coupé
Mark VI
Type 19
Type 20
Type 21
Type 22
Type 23
Type 24
Type 25
Type 27
Type 30
Type 38
Type 49

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 Elise S Cup R

Thumbnail Image     E21
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Evora
Thumbnail Image     Evora Sport Racer
Thumbnail Image     Exige S Roadster
Thumbnail Image     E20
Thumbnail Image     Evora GTE China Edition
Thumbnail Image     Evora GTE Road Car Concept
Thumbnail Image     Exige Matte Black Final Edition
Thumbnail Image     Exige R-GT
Thumbnail Image     Exige S Roadster
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Elite Concept
Thumbnail Image     Exige R-GT
Thumbnail Image     Exige S
Thumbnail Image     T128
Thumbnail Image     Hennessey Venom GT
Thumbnail Image     Cosworth Indy Racer
Thumbnail Image     Elan Concept
Thumbnail Image     Elise Club Racer
Thumbnail Image     Elise Concept
Thumbnail Image     Elise SC Hertz
Thumbnail Image     Esprit Concept
Thumbnail Image     Eterne Concept
Thumbnail Image     Evora 414E Hybrid Concept
Thumbnail Image     Evora Carbon Concept
Thumbnail Image     Evora Cup
Thumbnail Image     Evora Cup GT4
Thumbnail Image     Evora S
Thumbnail Image     Evora Type 124 Endurance Racecar
Thumbnail Image     Exige Cup 260
Thumbnail Image     Exige S
Thumbnail Image     Exige S Type 72
Thumbnail Image     Exige Scura
Thumbnail Image     Exos Type 125
Thumbnail Image     T127
Thumbnail Image     Hennessey Venom GT
Thumbnail Image     2-Eleven
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Evora
Thumbnail Image     Exige Cup 260
Thumbnail Image     2-Eleven GT4 Supersport
Thumbnail Image     Eco Elise
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Elise SC Clark Type 25
Thumbnail Image     Entry Level 2-Eleven
Thumbnail Image     Europa Diamond Edition
Thumbnail Image     Europa SE
Thumbnail Image     Exige 270E Tri-Fuel
Thumbnail Image     Exige 270E TriFuel Concept
Thumbnail Image     Exige S Performance Package
Thumbnail Image     Sport Exige Cup 260
Thumbnail Image     Supercharged Elise SC
Thumbnail Image     2-Eleven
Thumbnail Image     Elise Type 72D
Thumbnail Image     Europa S Luxury Touring Pack Option
Thumbnail Image     Exige GT3 Concept
Thumbnail Image     Sport Exige Cup
Thumbnail Image     APX
Thumbnail Image     Circuit Car
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Elise S
Thumbnail Image     Europa S Type 121
Thumbnail Image     Exige 265E Concept
Thumbnail Image     Exige Cup
Thumbnail Image     Exige S
Thumbnail Image     Sport Exige GT3
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Elise Sports Racer
Thumbnail Image     Exige Cup
Thumbnail Image     Sport Exige
Thumbnail Image     Sport Exige 240R
Thumbnail Image     Sport Exige Espionage
Thumbnail Image     Elise S2 111R
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Elise S2 135R
Thumbnail Image     Enjoy Concept
Thumbnail Image     Esprit V8
Thumbnail Image     Esprit V8
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Exige
Thumbnail Image     Motorsport Elise
Thumbnail Image     340R
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Elise 111S
Thumbnail Image     Extreme Concept
Thumbnail Image     M250
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Esprit
Thumbnail Image     340R
Thumbnail Image     Emme 422T
Thumbnail Image     Esprit
Thumbnail Image     GT1
Thumbnail Image     Esprite V8
Thumbnail Image     Elise
Thumbnail Image     Esprit GT3
Thumbnail Image     Esprit S4S
Thumbnail Image     Esprit
Thumbnail Image     Esprit Turbo
Thumbnail Image     Carlton
Thumbnail Image     Esprit
Thumbnail Image     Elan M100
Thumbnail Image     Esprit
Thumbnail Image     Esprit
Thumbnail Image     Carlton
Thumbnail Image     Esprit
Thumbnail Image     Esprit Turbo
Thumbnail Image     Esprit
Thumbnail Image     Esprit
Thumbnail Image     Italdesign Etna
Thumbnail Image     Excel
Thumbnail Image     81
Thumbnail Image     Esprit S2
Thumbnail Image     79 John Player Special Mark IV
Thumbnail Image     Esprit
Thumbnail Image     77
Thumbnail Image     76
Thumbnail Image     Europa JPS
Thumbnail Image     Elan
Thumbnail Image     Europa
Thumbnail Image     Elan
Thumbnail Image     Europa
Thumbnail Image     Seven
Thumbnail Image     Elan
Thumbnail Image     Type 69
Thumbnail Image     61 MX
Thumbnail Image     72
Thumbnail Image     Elan
Thumbnail Image     Europa
Thumbnail Image     Seven
Thumbnail Image     70
Thumbnail Image     Elan
Thumbnail Image     Europa
Thumbnail Image     Seven
Thumbnail Image     Type 51
Thumbnail Image     Type 61
Thumbnail Image     Type 47 Europa
Thumbnail Image     Type 51
Thumbnail Image     Type 56
Thumbnail Image     49B
Thumbnail Image     Elan
Thumbnail Image     Europa
Thumbnail Image     Seven
Thumbnail Image     Type 49
Thumbnail Image     Type 51
Thumbnail Image     23B
Thumbnail Image     23C
Thumbnail Image     47 Europa
Thumbnail Image     Cortina MKI
Thumbnail Image     Elan
Thumbnail Image     23B
Thumbnail Image     Cortina
Thumbnail Image     Elan S2
Thumbnail Image     Seven
Thumbnail Image     Type 38
Thumbnail Image     23B
Thumbnail Image     31
Thumbnail Image     Elan
Thumbnail Image     Super Seven
Thumbnail Image     Type 30
Thumbnail Image     22
Thumbnail Image     23B
Thumbnail Image     Elan
Thumbnail Image     Elite
Thumbnail Image     Super Seven
Thumbnail Image     Type 27
Thumbnail Image     23B
Thumbnail Image     24
Thumbnail Image     25
Thumbnail Image     Elite
Thumbnail Image     Seven
Thumbnail Image     Super Seven
Thumbnail Image     Type 19
Thumbnail Image     Type 22
Thumbnail Image     Type 23A
Thumbnail Image     Type 27
Thumbnail Image     18
Thumbnail Image     20
Thumbnail Image     21
Thumbnail Image     23
Thumbnail Image     Elite S1
Thumbnail Image     Seven
Thumbnail Image     Type 19
Thumbnail Image     18
Thumbnail Image     18 Formula Junior
Thumbnail Image     Elite
Thumbnail Image     Seven
Thumbnail Image     Type 19
Thumbnail Image     16
Thumbnail Image     17
Thumbnail Image     18 FJ
Thumbnail Image     Elite S1
Thumbnail Image     Fifteen
Thumbnail Image     Seven
Thumbnail Image     16
Thumbnail Image     Eleven Series II
Thumbnail Image     Elite
Thumbnail Image     Fifteen
Thumbnail Image     Seven
Thumbnail Image     18 FJ
Thumbnail Image     7A Series 1
Thumbnail Image     Eleven
Thumbnail Image     Eleven
Thumbnail Image     Mark IX
Thumbnail Image     Mark VI

Lotus Vehicles by Year   1954-1960
Lotus in Formula One
2014 E22 
2013315 E21 
2012303 E20 
2011 T128 
2010 T127 
1994 107C, 109 
199312 107B 
199213 102D, 107 
198915 101 
198823 100T 
198764 99T 
198658 98T 
198571 97T 
198447 95T 
198311 92, 93T, 94T 
198230 87B, 91 
198122 87, 88, 88B, 81 
1980 81B, 81 
197939 80, 79 John Player Special Mark IV 
1978 78, 79 John Player Special Mark IV 
197762 78 
197629 77 
1975 72D, 72E 
197442 , 72E 
197392 72D, 72E 
1972 72D, 72 
197121 56B, 69, 72D, 72 
1970 49, 49B, 49C, 72B, 72 
1969 49, 49B, 59B, 63 
196862 49, 49B 
1967 25, 33, 43, 48, Type 49 
196613 33, 43, 25 
1965 18/21, 22, 33, 20, 21, 24, 25 
196437 33, 24, 25 
1963 18/21, 21, 18, 24, 25, Type 22 
1962 18/21, 18, 21, 24, 25 
1961 Cooper T53, Ferguson P99, Lotus 18/21, Maserati 61, 18, 21 
1960 16, 18 
1959 12, 16 
1958 12, 16
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Lotus Displays Its Resilient Spirit in MalaysiaLotus Displays Its Resilient Spirit in Malaysia

Romain Grosjean delivers a steady and progressive race in Sepang, whilst power issues for Pastor Maldonado forces a tough decision to retire.

Round two of the 2014 F1® season got underway yesterday, and it was a bag of mixed fortunes for the Lotus F1® Team. Starting in P15 and P16, Lotus F1® Team drivers Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado made good progress off the grid until a loss of power for Pastor during the first lap, cut short the Venezuelan's race who took the tough decision to saf....
Lotus learn in MelbourneLotus learn in Melbourne

A tough season opener and a difficult start to the 2014 F1® season for The Lotus F1® Team down-under

Motor Generator Unit - Kinetic MGU-K

They always said it was going to be a dramatic first race in this new era of F1® and dramatic it was. Melbourne's Albert Park 3.3 mile circuit provided the stage for top-flight motorsport entertainment that saw Lotus put up a positive assault in what was always going to be a tough race for the black and gold team.

Disappointing qualif....
Lotus Cars Opens New Dubai ShowroomLotus Cars Opens New Dubai Showroom

Lotus Cars is delighted to present its latest showroom in the Middle East. 'Lotus Dubai' opened its doors today at its prestigious waterside premises in 'Dubai Festival City'.

Lotus Cars Middle East (the distributor for Lotus cars in the Middle East) is partnering with Trading Enterprises (part of the Al-Futtaim Group) to open the new showroom in Dubai called Lotus Dubai.

It is the latest showroom in the Lotus Cars Middle East portfolio, the first Lotus showroom in Dubai, and commen....
Multi Million Pound Boost For LotusMulti Million Pound Boost For Lotus

British car manufacturer Lotus has secured a £10 million government grant which will see the firm create more than 300 new jobs.

The Regional Growth Fund (RGF) has awarded the automotive firm £10.44 million, which will be used for research and development of products, along with staff training. In addition Lotus is expected to create 313 new full time jobs to support production over the coming years.

Business Secretary, Vince Cable MP visited Lotus' Norfolk headquarters today, 25 No....
Lotus Gets Supercharged for Guangzhou MotorshowLotus Gets Supercharged for Guangzhou Motorshow

British sports car manufacturer Lotus showcases the jewels from its product line-up at the 2013 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, further asserting its presence in the Chinese market as its popularity grows amongst China's fashion-conscious elite.

Chinese trend-setters looking for the ultimate in exclusivity and style, are warmly invited to the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, where from 21 November, the iconic British sports car brand Lotus, affirms its commitment ....
Taut, Tense and Terrific: Lotus Brings the Fight to SuzukaTaut, Tense and Terrific: Lotus Brings the Fight to Suzuka

• Heroic drives from both Lotus F1® Team drivers Romain Grosjean and team pal Kimi Raikkönen rattle competing teams amid a tough Japanese round of the Formula 1® World Championship challenge.

The Lotus F1 Team brought the fight to Suzuka yesterday, which began with a stark demonstration that Lotus is the team to watch, a formidable opponent. Following a strong qualifying, Romain Grosjean began the 53-lap race from P4. As soon as the lights were out, Romain went on the offensive, stea....
SeoulMates: The Lotus F1® Dream TeamSeoulMates: The Lotus F1® Dream Team

Jubilation as the Korean GP sees both Lotus F1® Team drivers Kimi Raikkönen and Romain Grosjean storm to a double podium finish for our black and gold racing stars.

With echoes from both the Bahrain and German GP races, it was celebrations all round as a P2 and P3 finish for the Lotus F1® Team brought delight during the 14th round of the Formula 1® World Championship. The race, which took place in Korea, some 400km south of the Seoul capital had its fair share of thrills and spills wi....
Tyre drama and no late pit stop dashes Lotus F1® Team hopes in the 2013 British Grand PrixTyre drama and no late pit stop dashes Lotus F1® Team hopes in the 2013 British Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkönen was bitterly disappointed during the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone yesterday, as the failure of a late pit stop quashed his hopes of a top spot finish. Umpteen teams suffered rear tyre failures which ultimately caused a pack shuffle and opened a glistening opportunity for Lotus. Team driver Kimi avoided the danger and drama and when some 10 laps before the end the then front-runner suffered suspected gear box failure, Kimi slipped expectantly into P2.

At this point ci....
Lotus heads to Le Mans with its latest and greatest!Lotus heads to Le Mans with its latest and greatest!

Lotus will be out en-masse this year for the 24-Heures-du-Mans 90th anniversary competing in LMP1 and LMP2 and showing-off the newest addition to the Lotus family, the Exige S Roadster.

Lotus, together with its LMP1 team Lotus Rebellion Racing, and LMP2 team Lotus Praga, prepare for the famous French weekender and get set to journey through the night to complete the longest distance possible in 24 hours. It's a gruelling challenge but one Rebellion Racing and Lotus Praga Teams are ready to ta....
Lotus Franchise in Southampton Opens Its Doors 18th May 2013Lotus Franchise in Southampton Opens Its Doors 18th May 2013

• Lotus Cars Ltd is proud to announce its partnership with Snows Group, the premier car retailer for England's South Coast.

Trading as Snows Group for over 50 years, 'Lotus Hedge End' now holds the Lotus sales franchise for the Southampton region and adds a significant foothold to the Lotus Cars portfolio of dealers and service centres nationwide.

Alex Domone, Snows Group Franchise Manager is hugely enthusiastic about the acquisition of the Lotus franchise, commenting 'We will br....
Déjà Vu In The Desert As Lotus Walk Away With P2 And P3 HonoursDéjà Vu In The Desert As Lotus Walk Away With P2 And P3 Honours

Jubilation for Lotus fans yesterday, as a fantastic fourth round of the FIA 2013 Formula One® World Championship at the Sakhir Circuit, Bahrain, saw Kimi Raikkönen finish in P2 and team mate Romain Grosjean clinch P3 replicating last year's double podium result.

In what had viewers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end, the Lotus pair drove a fantastic race charging up the field to bag a top spot finish. A marked result followed a disappointing qualifying session which saw Kimi st....
Lotus Returns to the Big ScreenLotus Returns to the Big Screen

This weekend 'The Host' hits cinemas and stars the Lotus Evora amongst its beautiful cast.

The long awaited movie adaptation of 'The Host' written by Stephanie Myer, author of 'The Twilight Saga' premiered in LA on 19th March and will be on international release from March 22nd at which time big screens all over the world will be alight with a fleet of awesome looking Lotus Evoras.

The movie follows the plight of 'Melanie' played by Irish actress Saoirse Ronan as she battles an ....
All-important points for Lotus amid a taut on-track thrillerAll-important points for Lotus amid a taut on-track thriller

The drama came thick and fast yesterday, as the second round of the 2013 FIA F1 championship took place at the Sepang International Grand Prix circuit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Lotus gained vital early-season points in a race that finished with Romain Grosjean in sixth and Iceman stablemate Kimi Raikönnen in seventh place.

With Kimi starting in P10 and Romain P11, both battled hard from the off in an assault that saw them slice their way up the grid. Tense wheel to wheel grappling and su....
Motor Sport Magazine Hall of Fame opens its doors to LotusMotor Sport Magazine Hall of Fame opens its doors to Lotus

Celebrations as Colin Chapman CBE is recognised for his engineering and technical genius

Colin Chapman CBE, the Lotus founder and engineer was recognised for his contribution to the automotive and motorsport industry at the 2013 Motor Sport Magazine Hall of Fame annual inauguration event, attended by Colin's son and Classic Team Lotus founder, Clive Chapman.

The motorsport glitterati attended a star-studded evening at the prestigious Royal Opera House where this outstanding enginee....

Lotus Racing, the motorsport arm of Group Lotus Plc, tips a nod to its enthusiast racing heritage with its plans to unveil two new Exige models, both set to wow race car aficionados during the 2013 Autosport International show.

With links to its award winning cousin the Exige S, the two new derivatives are set for their first public debut and will be another exclusive for the show. The cars, the Exige V6 Cup, the latest Cup version for track or road and its pure race-bred sibling the Exige V....
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