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Recent Driver Articles
Robert La Caze  Robert La Caze: 1958 Formula One Season
Robert La Caze is one of those men that came and went in grand prix history. However, this lesser-kn...

Bernard Charles Ecclestone  Bernard C. Ecclestone: 1958 Formula One Season
The name Ecclestone is synonymous with Formula One. Many would say he is Formula One. However, in 19...

Paco Godia  Francisco Godia Sales: 1958 Formula One Season
Francisco 'Paco' Godia Sales would follow up his first World Championship points in 1956 with a rath...

André Guelfi  Andre Guelfi: 1958 Formula One Season
In the footnotes of Formula One history, Andre Guelfi would occupy a place many would consider insig...

Joakim Bonnier  Joakim Bonnier: 1958 Formula One Season
Jo Bonnier had written his first full chapter in Formula One history in 1957. His season had started...

Giorgio Scarlatti  Giorgio Scarlatti: 1958 Formula One Season
By the mid-1950s, Giorgio Scarlatti star was on the rise in the sportscar ranks as his steady drivin...

Temple Hoyne Buell  Scuderia Temple Buell: 1958 Formula One Season
In the world of architecture during the first half of the 20th century there was hardly a name any b...

Anthony Ernest Marsh  Tony Marsh: 1958 Formula One Season
Known as the 'King of the Hills', Tony Marsh climb every hill and descend every dale of the Nurburgr...

John Brian Naylor  J.B. Naylor: 1958 Formula One Season
In 1957, John Brian Naylor would be one of a handful of Formula 2 drivers that would make his Formul...

André Testut  Andre Testut: 1958 Formula One Season
When it comes to famous Monegasque racing drivers there are just a couple that comes to mind, and am...

Horace Gould  H.H. Gould: 1958 Formula One Season
A big, larger-than-life character, Horace Gould was considered the Jose Froilan Gonzalez of the west...

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Recent Team Articles
OSCA Automobili: 1958 Formula One Season
By the end of the 1940s, the Maserati brothers appeared to be on their way out of any kind of presen...

   Ecurie Eperon d'Or: 1958 Formula One Season
In 1958, Christian Goethals would try his hand at single-seater Formula One racing. That one attempt...

   High Efficiency Motors: 1958 Formula One Season
C.T. 'Tommy' Atkins would start out his career as a motorcycle racer riding Douglas motorcycles in t...

   Vandervell Products: 1958 Formula One Season
For Tony Vandervell and his team in 1958 it quite literally would be the best of times and the worst...

   Scuderia Ferrari: 1958 Formula One Season
Scuderia Ferrari stood at the top at the end of the 1956 season. This would be followed by a truly d...

   Owen Racing Organization: 1958 Formula One Season
The 1957 season would end up being a tale of two halves. Heading into 1958, Owen Racing would hope t...

   British Racing Partnership: 1958 Formula One Season
By the end of the 1950s, Stirling Moss was well and truly the face of motor racing. Large teams like...

   Scuderia Ferrari: 1957 Formula One Season
The 1957 season would start out with some bad news and some bad feelings. By the time the season had...

   Officine Alfieri Maserati: 1957 Formula One Season
In spite of the factory earning a couple of victories at the hands of Stirling Moss, Maserati would ...

   Cooper Car Company: 1957 Formula One Season
At the 1955 British Grand Prix, at the tail-end of the grid, there would be a curious but overlooked...

   R.R.C. Walker Racing Team: 1957 Formula One Season
The brand name Johnnie Walker was practically a household name throughout the British Isles. Born in...

Racing Series & Events

Carrera Panamericana
The Carrera Panamericana was raced from 1950 through 1954. It was held on open roads in Mexico that ran from a southern Mexican west-coast city towards Texas. The race was formed to celebrate the comp...
Champ Car, short for Championship Car, is a class in the American Championship Car Racing. The American Automobile Association was formed in 1909 and established the national driving championship for...
Ferrari Challenge Series
The heritage of Enzo Ferrari has always been about racing. The road going cars he created were primarily for financial support to fuel his racing program. The road cars were created in close specifi...
Formula 2
Formula 2, commonly abbreviated as F2, was introduced in 1947 and would remain in existence until 1985 when it was replaced by Formula 3000. F2 enabled drivers who could not get a seat in Formula 1 t...
Formula 3
Formula 3 was created in post-war Britain as a venue for inexpensive racing. The 500-pound, 500cc F3 cars were noisy, tiny, and sometimes home built. They were often ridiculed but very fast. With a...
Formula 3000
In 1985 the International Formula 3000 Championship, originally called the European Formula 3000 Championship, was created by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). This was the final s...
Formula Atlantic
The SCCA Formula B class was created in the 1960s as a single-seat formula series with engine capacities not to exceed 1600 cc in capacity. The Formula Atlantic class began in England in 1971 and bor...
Formula B
The SCCA Formula B class was created in the 1960s as a single-seat formula series with engine capacities not to exceed 1600 cc in capacity. The Formula Atlantic class began in England in 1971 and borr...
Formula BMW
BMW's commitment to young driving talent goes back as far as the 1970s, when the company supported the BMW Junior Team and the spectacular Procar series over many years. From 1991 to 2001, BMW was inv...
Grand-Am Daytona Prototypes
Established in 1999, the Grand American Road Racing Association was brought about to return some sense of stability to major league sports car road racing in the states. The Grand-Am is regarded world...
Historically known simply as ‘The 500' the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race is often shorted to either the Indianapolis 500 or the Indy 500. Originally the race was advertised as the ‘Liberty Sweepstakes' f...
Indy Lights / IndyPro
The Indy Lights Series was raced from 1986 through 2001 and served as a developmental circuit for CART. Just like CART, it was an open-wheeled racing series. It was originally named the American Rac...
In 1973, the International Race of Champions (IROC) league was formed. The top drivers from other leagues, such as IRL and NASCAR, were invited to prove their abilities against each other using ident...
Mille Miglia
The Mille Miglia was first run in 1927 and quickly became a highlight for entrants, spectators, and enthusiasts. The first race featured around seventy-five starters, all of which were Italian. The ra...
Shelby SCCA Series
Around the 1990s, Mr. Carroll Shelby and the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) began a joint venture to produce a 'spec' racer that could compete in both amateur 'Club Racing' and could later evolve i...
Sports 2000
Sport 2000, also referred to as S2 or S2000, is a two-seat, rear-engined, full-bodied, open-cockpit sports-prototype racing series. A list of rules and regulations maintains that the racers are very ...
Targa Florio
The first of the classic road races was the Targa Florio which began in 1906 and continued off-and-on until 1976. The first course was three laps on a 92-mile course in the Madonie Mountains. As the y...
Trans-Am Series
The 'Trans-American Sedan' pro series debuted on March 25th of 1966 as a four-hour prequel to the Sebring 12-hour enduro. It was a series intended for the pony cars such as the Mustang, Plymouth Barra...
WRC / Rallycross / WTCC
Preparations for the hard-fought season begin months before the first rally. The governing body, the FIA approves routes, stages and final locations of the 16 rallies around the wo...
Formula One World Drivers' Champions
1950 G. Farina
1951 J. Fangio
1952 A. Ascari
1953 A. Ascari
1954 J. Fangio
1955 J. Fangio
1956 J. Fangio
1957 J. Fangio
1958 M. Hawthorn
1959 S. Brabham
1960 S. Brabham
1961 P. Hill, Jr
1962 N. Hill
1963 J. Clark, Jr.
1964 J. Surtees
1965 J. Clark, Jr.
1966 S. Brabham
1967 D. Hulme
1968 N. Hill
1969 S. Stewart
1970 K. Rindt
1971 S. Stewart
1972 E. Fittipaldi
1973 S. Stewart
1974 E. Fittipaldi
1975 A. Lauda
1976 J. Hunt
1977 A. Lauda
1978 M. Andretti
1979 J. Scheckter
1980 A. Jones
1981 N. Piquet
1982 K. Rosberg
1983 N. Piquet
1984 A. Lauda
1985 A. Prost
1986 A. Prost
1987 N. Piquet
1988 A. Senna
1989 A. Prost
1990 A. Senna
1991 A. Senna
1992 N. Mansell
1993 A. Prost
1994 M. Schumacher
1995 M. Schumacher
1996 D. Hill
1997 J. Villeneuve
1998 M. Hakkinen
1999 M. Hakkinen
2000 M. Schumacher
2001 M. Schumacher
2002 M. Schumacher
2003 M. Schumacher
2004 M. Schumacher
2005 F. Alonso
2006 F. Alonso
2007 K. Raikkonen
2008 L. Hamilton
2009 J. Button
2010 S. Vettel
2011 S. Vettel
2012 S. Vettel
2013 S. Vettel