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1911 Baker Electric Image
1911 Baker Electric informationEvent : Amelia Island Concours d'EleganceImage credit: © Conceptcarz.com

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1911 Baker Electric1911 Baker Electric1911 Baker Electric1911 Baker Electric1911 Baker Electric1911 Baker Electric
1911 Baker Electric1911 Baker Electric1911 Baker Electric
Extension Coupe
The first electric cars produced by the Baker Motor Vehicle Company of Cleveland, Ohio, had three quarter horsepower motors and a range of up to 50 miles. The Baker-built 'Torpedo' held a electric land speed record in 1902. Baker merged with another electric vehicle maker, Rauch & Lang, in 1915. Then they were absorbed by another builder, the Owen Magnetic Company.

The car shown is a 'V' Extension Front Coupe. It has shaft drive, tiller steering and right and left brake pedals. It uses 84 volts to produce eight horsepower, has six forward speeds and two reverse. It tops out at 23 mph, for up to one hundred miles. Seating for four is provided in wool broadcloth and finely appointed. The car also features locking steering and ignition, and a reverse lockout. The side windows drop down and the windshield pivots out to provide a completely open interior. Electric cars were prized for their crankless starting, smooth operation and silent running.