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1946 MG TC Image
1946 MG TC informationEvent : Amelia Island Concours d'EleganceImage credit: © Conceptcarz.com

1946 MG TC Wallpaper Image 1024x683

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1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC
1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC
1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC1946 MG TC
1946 MG TC
In the mid-1930's the MG factory produced racing MG's along-side street cars including the 1934 Q-Type and the 1935 R-Type. They featured boat tailed coachwork, a lack of opening doors, bucket seats, Brooklands windscreen (in lieu of windshields) leather bonnet straps, cycle fenders and external exhausts.

This is a one-of-a-kind MG model since it was designed and built by the current owner's family. The MG factory 'insomnia crew' built factory race cars during the 1930's, working at all hours in a special area of the factory. This special bodied MG is a recreation in the style of the mid-1930's MG factory produced race cars. The build started with a few pieces that remained from the previous owner's restoration of another MG TC. It was designed and built as an 'S-Type' over a period of five years. All work was performed by the family with the exception of final color paint work.

In 1934 they built 8 MG Q-Types and in 1935 this crew built 10 R-Types, which was a full bore, single seat race car. To fill in and carry on this alphabetic series, the builders of this vehicle constructed it on a 1946 chassis (early car number 0885) to represent what an 'insomnia crew' could do following WWII with the MG TC.

This project was on the bucket list of the 80+ year old builder. Over the 5 year build period, many skills were employed by this pharmacist to bring back this basket case, formally a parts car from another MG TC restorer, to its present state.