Sports 2000


Sports 2000

Lola T590


Tiga SC81


Royale S2000M

Tiga SC82


Lola T592S/598

March 83S

Tiga SC83


Shrike P15

Tiga SC84


Lola T598

Lola T86/90

Ralt RT5

Shrike P15

Swift DB2

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Apache 86S

Lola T86/90

Royale PR-42

Swift DB2


Swift DB2


Swift DB2


Swift DB5

Sport 2000, also referred to as S2 or S2000, is a two-seat, rear-engined, full-bodied, open-cockpit sports-prototype racing series. A list of rules and regulations maintains that the racers are very similar in design and capabilities. It is mainly intended as an amateur racing series. The S2 series was created by John Webb in similar fashion to the Formula Ford 2000 racing series.

The design of the bodies were inspired by the two-liter Group 6 sports racing cars such as the Chevron B21 and Lola T212. Mounted mid-ship was a two-liter overhead camshaft Ford 'Pinto' engine. Only minor modifications to the engine were allowed. Rules stated that a Volkswagen based Hewland MK9 transaxle was to be used.

In Europe, the series prospered for a number of years until the late 1980s. At that time the Clubmans racing series modified their front-engined rules to allow rear-engine placement. In the United States it was a sanctioned racing class by the SCCA.

Manufacturers who created chassis for the Sport 2000 series include Royale, Swift, Tiga, Van Diemen, Lola, March, Crossle, Chevron, and Carbir.