1920 Revere Model A news, pictures, specifications, and information
Chassis Num: 624
High bid of $88,000 at 2004 RM Auctions. (did not sell)
Sold for $90,200 at 2005 RM Auctions.
Sold for $137,500 at 2010 RM Auctions.
In early 1917, the ReVere Motor Car Corporation announced it was preparing to manufacturing cars in Logansport, Indiana. They intended to use a four-cylinder Duesenberg engine. By 1918, they were better organized and producing automobiles. Production would continue until 1926.

The individuals responsible for ReVere were Gil Anderson and Tom Mooney, well-known racing drivers. Anderson drove for Stutz and Mooney drove a Premier. Adolph Monsen, whose resume included building cars under his own name in Chicago, was also part of the team.

The name 'ReVere' was chosen after Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere. The cars were well built and a strong performer, yet production remained low. By 1922, ReVere had produced just 165 cars. One of the early customers was Alfonso XIII, King of Spain.

Receivership soon followed after a stock manipulation scheme. The company received support from new investors and a former ReVere executive, yet the company was finally liquidated in 1926.

In 1920, ReVere produced just 43 vehicles. This Touring car is a rare vehicle riding on a 131-inch wheelbase and powered by a Duesenberg 'walking beam' four-cylinder engine. There is a Cotal electric pre-selector gearbox and rear-wheel drum brakes. The car was saved from WWII scrap drives by Barney Pollard, a noted Michigan collector. The car would remain with his family collection until just prior to early 2005. At that time, the car entered another private collection. The car is a low-mileage example that was completely restored during the 1980s.

It is believed that there are about seven examples that remain in modern time. Just four of those are Duesenberg-powered. It is well equipped with dual side-mounted spares, wind wings, a Moto-Meter, and a rear-mounted trunk. The dashboard includes a speedometer, clock, oil pressure gauge and an ammeter. The coachwork on the vehicle is not known.

The body sides roll inward, creating a sporting look reminiscent of European torpedo phaetons. The close-coupled, four-passenger body rides on a long 131-inch chassis giving it a sporty persona. There are no running boards; instead, there are cast-aluminum step plates.

The 'walking beam' design of the Duesenberg engine features long rocker arms running up the intake side of the block and riding on the camshaft at their lower end. The actuating horizontal valves (two per cylinder) form the upper end. This design provided great throttle response while remaining tractable at lower speeds.

In 2010, this rare vehicle was offered for sale at the Vintage Motor Cars of Meadow Brook event presented by RM Auctions. It was estimated to sell for $80,000-$100,000. As bidding came to a close, the car had been sold for the sum of $137,500 including buyer's premium.
By Daniel Vaughan | Aug 2010
Chassis Num: 1357
Sold for $137,500 at 2017 Bonhams.
The Revere-Duesenberg Company was named for American Patriot Paul ReVere. It was the brainchild of engineer Adolph Monsen, who had a desire to create a road car of refinement and performance. He worked with noted racers Gil Anderson and Tom Mooney to design a car that incorporated the latest technology from the racing track.

The chassis had made of double drop frame rails and outboard mounted springs. The gearbox was an aluminum-cased Brown and Lipe unit with four forward gears and a 3.5 to 1 rear ratio which allowed for high speed cruising. Lightweight aluminum was used for many components including the radiator shell. At all four corners were Buffalo wire wheels. Power was from a Duesenberg walking beam four-cylinder engine offering 106 horsepower.

The Duesenberg brothers had developed the engine in 1912. It featured long 'walking beam' rockers on the side of the motor which operated valves mounted perpendicular to the pistons. It had compact combustion chambers, and a compact monobloc design. Ignition is by Bosch magneto and the intake is supplied by a Stromberg M-4 carburetor. The aluminum crankcase is a barrel type with crank fed in from the back.

Although the Revere Company had talented designers and engineers, their management team and financial backers were corrupt. They had little interest in car designs, but rather selling stock. The ReVere Company, which had been set up to raise capital, quickly ran into trouble when investors and public learned that few cars had been produced.

During the company's short existence, they produced very few vehicles. Their production was great, however their corrupt management had brought about their demise. It is believed that just six cars have survived from the Revere-Duesenberg Company.

This particular example has been in the same family collection for many decades. It has been maintained but never restored. It has its original dash board and instruments. The engine has its correct original carburetor and magneto. There are rear mechanical drum brakes, four-speed Browne-Lipe transmission, and the Duesenberg 'walking beam' 360 CID engine.
By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2017
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