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The first Bugatti Type 43 was delivered on June 16th of 1927. At the heart of the Type 43 was its 2.3-liter supercharged straight-eight engine. Except for a lower compression ratio, the Type 43's eight-cylinder supercharged engine, in two four-cylinder blocks, was identical to the one placed in the Type 35B racing car. The car's transmission, axles and radiator came from the Type 38. The car's impressive performance was underlined by WF Bradley when, accompanied by Ettore on a drive in the early Type 43, it was reported that with the standard gear ratio it will run up to 112 mph.

The frame of the Type 43 was all-new and was similar in design to the racing type 35b. The Type 43 featured larger brakes and a larger radiator in order to make it more suitable for the road. The Bugatti Type 43A, introduced in 1929, was more luxurious and thus heavier. With its racing car pedigree it was only natural for Bugatti to campaign the Type 43 and 43A in events like the Brooklands handicap races of the 1930s.
Boattail Tourer
Having worked for nearly 10 years with such notable firms as DeDietrich, Mathis and Deutz, Ettore Bugatti established his own firm in 1909. He began with the Type 13, a 1327cc overhead cam four-cylinder model. One of his notable early successes was the Bebe made by Peugeot to Bugatti's design. Prior to World War I, he built four-cylinder ranging from 1368cc to 5027cc, first with eight valves and later with sixteen. In 1913 he produced a 2906cc straight eight with his first production eight-cylinder model, the 1990cc Type 30 in 1922. It was 1924, however, when Bugatti produced the car for which he would become most famous, the legendary Type 35. The Type 35 is credited with 1,851 racing victories in 1925, 1926, and 1927, a remarkable record even today.

The Type 43 arrived in mid-1927, its grand sport body offering seating for four. It is powered by a 2.3-liter supercharged straight-eight engine as used in the Type 35 Grand Prix car. Developing a slightly reduced 120 horsepower at 5,000 RPM, it was virtually identical to its racing counterpart, though it had a conventional sump in place of the tubed variety. The final Type 43 was produced in February 1935. A total of 160 examples were produced, no doubt influenced by the combined effects of the world depression and the fact that Bugatti had switched to engines with double overhead camshafts.

This numbers-matching example was restored in France in 1983-1984.
The Bugatti Type 43 was introduced in 1927 and would remain in production until 1930 with around 160 examples produced. It was powered by a detuned engine from the Type 35B Grand Prix and fitted with a supercharger offering 120 horsepower. It had a mid-mounted tranmsission with axles similar to the Type 38.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2009
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