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1965 Fiberfab Centurion news, pictures, specifications, and information

Chassis Num: 12612
This attractive and familiarly styled roadster was built in 1959 by Fiberfab Corp. in Sunnyvale, California as a factory concept vehicle used as a prototype to make future bodies to sell to the general public. The bodies were designed to fit a 1953 through 1965 Corvette chassis. This particular example is the only one built on a C-2 (1965 Corvette chassis).

The owner of Fiberfab, Bud Goodwin, had designed several different innovative sports car bodies in the 1960s such as the Banshee, Aztec G.T., Azteca, Avenger, and Valkyrie. He was impressive with the Stingray racer the he designed this body in that image. In total, only four other bodies were built and sold and two were completed, the other two are still bare shells. Fiberfab opted to go with the Valkyrie for reasons unknown but probably due to pressure from General Motors. Thus the Centurion project was abandoned.

This Centurion was used in numerous promotions during the late 1960s including the 'Man From Glad' commercial. It was club raced a few times in California by Bud Warren and is one of only three built 'In the day.' It still retains the original 327-350 horsepower motor, chassis, transmission, and differential from the donor 1965 Corvette used in making it and is on the cover of the 1966 Fiberfab Catalogue.

The transmission is a Muncie Heavy-Duty M-22 close ratio unit with a 370 ratio and positive traction. The engine is fitted with a Holly 750 4-barrel carburetor and the original intake. The brakes are factory Corvette H.D. J-56 and the wheels are also original, measuring 15x7.5.

By Daniel Vaughan | May 2011

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