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In 1967, Alfa Romeo replaced the long-running Giulia range with a new model which they called the 1750 Berlina. It was based on a stretched version of the Giulia's platform and wore styling by Bertone. The car offered additional legroom for rear passengers as well as larger cargo space. Under the bonnet was Alfa's alloy twin-cam four-cylinder engine which had an increased bore (from 78mm to 80mm) and stroke (from 82mm to 88.5) resulting in a capacity of 1779cc. It had a 9.2 compression ratio and a pair of twin-choke carburetors which helped boost power to 118 BHP.

The interior also received updates, becoming more luxurious and spacious. Wood replaced the metal dash and carpets were installed in place of rubber mats.

A revised model followed in June of 1971, the 2000 Berlina, at Lake Garda alongside the similarly re-badged Spiders and GTVs. The cylinder bore had been enlarged to 84mm which resulted in capacity increasing to 1962cc, which helped horsepower jump to 132 BHP at 5500 RPM. To help cope with the additional power, Alfa uprated the clutch. They also began offering an automatic transmission for the first time. Alloy wheels also became optional equipment. The exterior remained mostly unchanged; the only visual clues to help distinguish the two models were a new Alfa shield design and quad headlamps of equal size. On the inside, Alfa Romeo changed the instrument cluster, with new white and black dials, along with more wood trim.

A total of 89,840 examples of the Berlina were produced prior to being discontinued in 1976.
By Daniel Vaughan | Sep 2016
The 1750 Series became the 2000 Series when the four-cylinder engine was given an increase in bore dimensions for 1972. The result was a displacement size of 1962 cc and 129 horsepower. The European engines had two Weber sidedraft carburetors while the other engines were given Spica fuel injection system.

The 2000 Series was available as a Spider Veloce, GT Veloce, and Berlina. The Spider Veloce was a 2-seater roadster that sold for $5,250. The GT Veloce 2+2 Coupe sold for $4,950 while the Berlina Sedan with seating for five sold for $4,250. The Berlina has the same body as its 1750 predecessor.

The Berlina would be available through 1974. Each were fitted with the same 1962cc four-cylinder engine as the Spider Convertible.
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2011
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